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Habboween Costumes!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:44 pm

As these are the last hours to dress as something you’re not, don’t forget to buy your Costumes!

Habboween’s final weekend is here, so to finalize this celebration well, Sulake brought back their boost of creativity, and uploaded more Costumes on to the hotel! Apart from the twenty that already existed, there are now two more that you can buy for 15 Pumpkins each!

As you can see in the image of this article, the Puppeteer Costume allows you to wear a colorful mask and hold a puppet, with the funny description ”No strings attached?”, while the Snake Costume, with a description as simple as ”*Hiss*” makes you wear the body of the animal but it only works well for male avatars, because females need to wear a top, and it looks weird with it. The best thing about this last Costume is the fact that as you walk, the tail moves from side to side, exactly like it happens with real snakes! 

Thank you to Abrood and Intersocial for helping me with the image.

Do you like these Costumes or do you think they are a waste of Pumpkins?
Click ”Read More & Comment” to let us know!

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