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Habboween Is Here!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:26 pm

       Whats that! ....

Habboween furni is back – Yes!
Habbo has been busy and is finding out new furni, for habboween and there is a load to come for then.
The old habboween furni is in shop but soon the new furni is coming.
But Habbo has found a report and I shall put in my words…

In Kitano’s room there was a word “chronoZomfg”.
Neja said it was not her ( is she joking )
She also said about the blody walls and habboween could not be the same.
Then Puffin shook her big pixel head.
And a news letter was sent out.
One habbo backed up Puffin.
They know one thing.. A big evil thing is moving closer – we know that he is a great beast (ChronoZomfg.
Well thats it folks happy Habboween from me at Habbox.com, but to poop yourself to much !
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