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Habboween News!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:26 pm

                                  Whats that! ….

Habboween furni is back – Yes!
Habbo has been busy and is finding out new furni, for habboween and there is a load to come for then.
The old habboween furni is in shop but soon the new furni is coming.
But Habbo has found a report and it went like this..
“Badger blood no less! Neja claims she didn’t do it, but I don’t believe her. She has a very badger like smell about her today. It might be because of the dead badger under her desk. Hard to say.

The pets have been having strange dreams as well, murmuring about the coming of a great evil, a great darkness…
Neja pointed out that the bloody walls, the pets, our grave digging and the coming of Habboween could all be unrelated and we should adopt a “wait and see” attitude. Puffin shook her head,
 she knew that something bad was going to happen, she said we should be proactive, but be proactive next week, as it was a Friday and we still had the newsletter to put out.
The 4th Habbo backed up Puffin, but wondered if this could be the work of Cambodians. Oh no, whatever is going on, Cambodia has nothing to do with it. That would be too weird.
 While this discussion was going on, I was busy reading the instruction manual for Arkham City.”
But there is some clues Habbo found out :A great, unspeakable (but fortunately, not untype-able) evil is moving slowly towards us. All we know about this great beast is a single word: ChronoZomfg.
The cloister bells of doom can be heard in the hotel this day.
Just one more thing have fun and wait for the new furni also, have a great Habboxween and Habboween.
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