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[Habbox 24!] The 24 Question, 24 Hour Habbox News Quiz!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:14 pm
Please be aware that this competition is only valid after 12pm on Saturday 28th May, any entries received before this time will not be counted!

Welcome to the 24 Question, 24 Hour Quiz – brought to you by the news and articles department as part of our special event Habbox 24.

Now, below you will find 24 quiz questions. The aim of this is to answer as many questions as possible with the correct answer. If all of your answers are correct, you will gain two points towards the Habbox 24 leaderboard. In addition to this, all of you that get all 24 questions correct will receive your points, but will ALSO be given a random number and will be added into a prize draw, using random.org, and if picked out at random, you will win 30 Habbo credits!
So, what do you need to do? Simply send the following 24 questions below (with the questions written and then the answers) to HabboxNews on HabboxForum.com by clicking here. Please remember to send the question, followed by the answer!
The questions will be mixed between Habbo and real life news and all answers are relevent to news articles posted on Habbox.com, so check through news articles if you can’t find the answer.
The Questions
1) Which Habbo Staff member recently departed from Sulake and announced that they were moving on in order to work elsewhere?
2) Which brand new pet recently flew into Habbo Hotel?
3) Name the most recent Habbo staff member who paid an exclusive visit to the Habbox Help Desk.
4) What is the name of Habbox’s radio station?
5) Name the group on Habbo that are incharge of keeping us all safe and banning any users that break the Habbo Way!
6) What is the section in the cataloge called where all of the Dragon Furni can be found?
7) How many years has Redtiz worked for Habbo?
8) Name the three Hotel Managers for Habbo.com.
9) In what year did Habbox.com open? 
10) Who owns Habbox Help Desk?
11) How much does the current rare, the ‘Rare Dragon Throne’ cost?
12) Who are the two Habbox owners?
13) Which judge has reportedly got the boot from ‘The X Factor USA’?
14) Which famous celebrity was recently exposed to having an affair with his ‘mistress’ & was discovered to have several children?
15) Which famous political figure, last week, visited the United Kingdom and Ireland before heading off to France and Poland?
16) What is the name of the latest pirates of the carribean movie?
17) Which country did better in terms of points on the Eurovision song contest this year, Ireland or the UK?
18) What is the name of Lady Gaga’s latest single?
19) Which major extremist was recently reportedly killed by US soldiers?
20) In which country will the 2014 Winter Olympics be taking place?
21) Who was the extremely lucky Prince who, last month, married that stunner Kate Middleton?
22) What is the name of Kate Middletons sister? 
23) Which country has a larger population, Russia or China?
24) Who recently rejoined the boy band, Take That?
Please remember to submit your answers to HabboxNews on HabboxForum.com by clicking here. Please note you must be registered on HabboxForum.com in order to take part! – The quiz will start at 12pm (BST) on Saturday 28th of May and will end exactly 24 hours later at 12pm (BST) on Sunday 29th of May!

Good luck and enjoy Habbox 24!

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