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[Habbox] Building Adventure2
By - Posted 19th September, 2022 at 10:30 am HabboHabbo GuidesHabbox

Join Habbox on our unique building adventure!



Room Owner: Ozad

Room Name: [Habbox] Official Rooms Hallway

Difficulty: Easy

Search Habbox Official Rooms Hallway or type in :roomid 76865794 to begin!

The Official Rooms Hallway!

Enter the Door teleport to proceed to the next room!


Pick which adventure you’d like to go on first!
Use the Hot Springs Teleport to visit the Habbox Builder’s Rooms.
Use the Forest Ring Teleport to visit Summerful’s Classic Public Rooms.

A Hotel View: Old Habbo Remakes

Make your way through the Classic Habbo Public Rooms by answering a question in each room.
You may find some of the answers for these rooms on the Habbox Wiki.

Roof Top

Sit on a Workshop Chair to receive your badge!

I beat Habbox’s classic public room maze

Use the Fiery Pits Teleport to return to the Hub to grab the second badge!


Complete the telephrase.

Walk down the stairs.

Flick the switch to move the books to the marble tile.
Do this four times.

Enter the Runestone Teleport.

Gryffindor Dorm Room

Walk on the six moving books.

When all six books are on the green tiles, say, “apparition” to teleport.

Enter the Hot Spring Teleport.

A Quick Coffee Stop

Sit on one of the two free Garden Chairs and say, “Coffee please“.

Enter the Hot Spring Teleport.

Ted’s Treehouse

Stand in front of the bowl and say, *picks up bowl*.

Stand in front of the Blackberry Jam and say, *picks up jam*.

Stand in front of the Milk Can and say, *picks up milk*.

Stand in front of the Brown Bear and say, *picks up teddy*.

Walk on the Strange Aura when all 4 items are on the tiles.

Stand in front of Ted and say, *gives Ted items* and then say “done“.

Enter the Steampunk Tele.


Wait patiently in the queue.

Use the Fishing Line when the Salmon is on a red tile.
You need 7 points to win.

Enter the Forest Ring Teleport.

Four Seasons for Habbox

Walk on the Cloud Rug.

Name one item in the Spring section.

Nestled Tree

Find and use the correct hand item in the Summer section.

Walk on the correct spot to teleport in the Autumn section.

Flick the hidden switch in the Winter section.

Use the Forest Ring Teleport.


Flick the switch to receive your badge!
Use the Long-lost Teleport to return to the Hub if you need the other badge.

The blueprints for any successful build.

We hope you enjoyed this Habbox event!

*+*+ 👇 Leave a comment below about your experience. 👇 *+*+

Like! 3
    Erick commented on 19th September, 2022

    very nice event rooms and badges nice work everyone involved 😀

    cameron446 commented on 19th September, 2022

    Very lovely event and fantastic builds as always! 🙂

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