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Habbox Departments!2
By - Posted 7th October, 2015 at 11:20 am Habbox




Okay, so I know you can view staff and departments on several pages of the Habbox site, Forum, and Wiki, but even though you can, some people may not know about the departments and where to find them. This article may help these people choose the Habbox job they want!

Today, I will explain the departments and managers! That’s right, all of them!


The Articles Team are the people who write and proofread all these articles on the front page, they have a lot of work to do but always have fun. With Joe as the manager, the articles team is always advancing and creating articles, you should
know that, you read them! The articles department first opened on 22/Jun/2004, but sadly the department closed as it was trailing behind as Habbox was advancing further. It closed on 02/Jan/2008, but it did reopen again on 09/Jan/2011, though it didn’t last long. The articles department closed once again on 20/Jul/2011. It is now open (since May 2014) and is planning on being open for a long time!


If you have been to before you would have heard of these guys, always playing great music that you can request! HabboxLive DJs don’t just play songs; they advertise rooms, conduct small competitions, and just interact with the audience as a whole. The HabboxLive Department has been open since 2004, making it one of the longest running Habbox departments. HabboxLive brings people in from all countries to listen to music and all that good stuff! The current manager is Yuxin (Gina) and she is running the department well with the Assistant HabboxLive Manager, Despect (James). Yuxin has been with the department for a very long time and will probably stay for a while!


Habbox Graphics is the team of Graphic Designers who produce most of the graphics you see around Habbox. This includes, Habbox Forum, and Habbox Wiki. They have been running since 2007 and have always been improving the Habbox sites. With Zealoux as the current manager, the Graphics team are having a great time, a difficult but very fun job, this department chooses its workers carefully!

Content Design

There is one small but mighty department that forms the Content Design Team. All the staff members form one department, however, they often work individually to complete different tasks. Their main goal is to help maintain and create pages on the Habbox Site and the Habbox Wiki. The Content Design team is currently managed by Expling. Running from 2004 without closing makes it a very old department, with a few hard working staff.

Rare Values

Habbox Rare Values, also known as the Rare Values Department, have been a prominent service of since 2004. Habbox Rare Values have been highly regarded by the Habbo community for many years and are attributed as a large part of Habbox’s success. The popularity of Habbox Rare Values led to many other fansites attempting to provide their own Rare Values with limited success. The (acting) manager of the Rare Values at the moment is welshcake (AGM). The rare values department is a hard department to succeed in, needing some maths skills to do things correctly! 


Habbox Events, also known as the Events Department, has been one of the main advertisers for Habbox throughout the years of its operation, communicating well with Habbox’s members. Its main aim is to interact with Habbo players to ensure they enjoy the Events, generally on the Habbo client, and ultimately join HabboxForum. Over the past few years, some of the biggest names on Habbox have been part of this department, as collaboration with the Events department meant that they could promote other parts of Habbox in a bolder way. Currently managed by  zebbadi, the Events department is the best way for people on Habbo to get involved! The Events department opened in 2006.


Habbox Competitions, also known as the Competitions Department, organizes competitions in a monthly cycle with a whole multitude of different challenges and brain teasers for Habbox users to enter, currently managed by Dolphins. The department offers a wide range of competitions, including but not limited to: graphics styled briefs, quick quizzes and story writing competitions written by, normally, a team of 6 to 8 staff. A few minutes of your time can reward you with winning Habbox Forum VIP, with some Forum Reputation available as prizes, as well as some coins on the client. If you want to enter the competitions, click here.

Help Desk

The Habbox Help Desk, also known as the Help Desk Department and commonly abbreviated as HxHD, is both a room on Habbo – owned by xxMATTGxx – and a Habbox department. In this room, there is a team of Help Desk Staff who help Habbo users with questions about Habbo and Habbox. The Habbox Help Desk offers a wide range of in-game help, games, and acts as a hub to hang out and interact with the Habbox community. HxHD Layouts are often changed to suit seasonal or promotional periods for both Habbox and Habbo. The current manager is Jellyfish, he is a new manager, promoted in the last two weeks, he has been HxHD staff for a long time. Help Desk opened in 2004, they help many people a day but lots have been going there just to chill.

Room Builders

The Habbox Room Builders Department was first set up in early 2015, by the former Assistant General Manager (Community), Shonly. They’re responsible for designing and creating rooms for various different official Habbox and Habbo events. This department is very important, it creates all the rooms by Habbox. The current manager is Plebings, this department is very new only opening this year!



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    FUNISMYME commented on 7th October, 2015

    Nice summarise of our department. 😀

    _spirit commented on 7th October, 2015

    love this weldone

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