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Habbox Fansite Event: 90s Memories0
By - Posted 20th January, 2017 at 4:00 pm Habbox

Hi guys! It’s that time of the month again! Habbox is back with a new Fansite Event. This one is called 90s Memories, so lets travel back in time and reminisce together! To enter the room, search owner:disrespectful & enter [Habbox] 90’s Memories or click here. Below is a guide on how to complete our event.

Step 1:

Enter the mall tele.

Step 2:

Walk on the green color tiles.

Step 3: 

You have 30 seconds to pass each round by AVOIDING the dog. If you get touched by the dog by walking in front of its path you will be sent back to the start.

Step 4:

In round two, you will need to AVOID three dogs in 30 SECONDS.

Step 5:

Round three, you will need to AVOID four dogs in 30 seconds.

Step 6:

You will be told some clues, the aim is to find the corresponding mannequin to the clues. Only one person can proceed through each round.

Below is an example of a question & answer:

Step 7:

It’s time to take care of your dog. Love hearts will appear when you complete each area. There is three hearts that need to appear, say done when all three appear.

Sit on the toilet, then double click the loo roll.

Step 8:

Double click the sink. The first heart will then appear.

Step 9:

Score a goal for the second heart to appear.

Step 10:

It’s time to feed your dog! Double click the fridge.

Step 11:

Now, walk over to the cooker.

Step 12:

Next step in front of plate plate and you are finished. Say done.

Step 13:

Navigate the snake towards the blobs that appear around the game area by using the arrow tiles. Note: the arrow tiles will keep moving if you remain stood on them. You need to get SIX to proceed to the next round.

Step 13:

Join a queue. Say exit if you would like to change queues.

Step 14:

You have ONE MINUTE to survive the game. Words will flash up  LAUGH (red), WAVE (blue), KISS (green) & SING (yellow). You must stand on the corresponding tile before it hits the pressure plate or you will teleport out.

Step 15:

You have completed our 90s memories event. We hope you enjoyed it. Proceed to the teleport in the next room and grab your badge.

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