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It's the Habbox Summer Spectacular!

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It's the Habbox Summer Spectacular!
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[] Habbox Hideout – Review0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:39 pm

Habbox Hideout

[] Habbox Hideout – Owned by Geiranger
Happy New Year China Town!” – The room’s description appears to set the theme to a Chinese New Year Party, and looking at the furniture used, it isn’t hard to see the Asian influences. Sky Lanterns and Party Lanterns certainly give the room a Chinese vibe; however, Geiranger has also scattered furniture styles from all over the world. Japanese, Greek, British and Indian culture is adopted through the use of items such as the Palm Tree and Hotel view memorial – both of which seem mismatched. I’m not completely sure what the room attempts to achieve; the description goes against the furniture used and the room name, [] Habbox Hideout, suggests that the room is simply used for general group gatherings

2012 Sign

Despite the cluttered appearance and seemingly random choices of furniture, the room carries a fun and colourful vibe!

Particular points of interest:

  • The use of Boutique Shelves to hold the Hotel view memorial create a great podium for the room’s centrepiece. 
  • The Habbo Way furniture makes a great heaven-like feature that has been separated from the rest of the room by Black Holes.
  • The Great Golden Dragon adds to the room’s sense of grandeur and the Wise Pigeon looks adorable on the Light Clouds. 
  • The vibrant design is sure to kick-start a lively conversation!
Causes for concern:
  • The New Year theme is seven months too late; the 2012 poster seems outdated.
  • There’s not much space for people to walk around and there’s limited seating as well.
  • There’s not much consistency between themes, description and room name

Taking everything into consideration, from the vibrant and fun appearance to the wide range of furniture styles, I have decided to rate this room a reasonable and well-earned:
You can visit the room here, and can leave your own opinions in the comments below!

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