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Who saved Santa?

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Who saved Santa?
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Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!
[Habbox History] – Celebrating Habbox’s 13th Birthday!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2016 at 9:46 pm Habbox

You may have noticed that there are currently a number of events happening at Habbox to celebrate our 13th birthday! You can find out more information about the events, and the big 150c prize by clicking here. To do our part, this week the Articles Department will be providing you with a nostalgic throwback into life at Habbox in the years gone by. These articles will feature interviews with old members, screenshots that will bring back memories, fun facts about Habbox’s past and a question at the end of the article in which you can win 10 points towards the birthday event!

Continue reading for today’s insight into Habbox’s history, and don’t forget to leave your memories in the comments below too!


The birth of Habbox




Habbox was founded in summer 2003 by former UK Hobba, Mizki. Initially a small project, Habbox started to grow and Mizki realised she needed help with the site. Next came along Sierk, who took a strong developmental role at Habbox. Sierk was then handed the reins and eventually full ownership of the site. Up to this day Sierk still remains one of the three Habbox co-owners alongside Jin and xxMattGxx.

One of Sierk’s key implementations was that of the Rare Values Department, which used to be Habbox’s strongest impact on the Habbo community. Before the introduction of the marketplace, Habbox was the go to site for rare values, and it is generally known that this has been the cause for many of our members signing up in the past.


Down memory lane..

In order to discover more about the history of Habbox, one of our key resources would be our members. (lots of which have been around for over a decade!) Today’s interview is with Buttons who joined up to the forum way back in 2007, but often lurked the sites beforehand!



1. What are your earliest memories of Habbox?

Probably the kkk thread when l!nk/alkin was around and stephen and earthquake were posting in it! They were like my first Habbox friends and I thought they were the funniest people around but I don’t think the rest of the forum did!

2. What would be your overall favourite department at Habbox, and why?

Articles, because I like articles????? (I did not pay her to say this!!) Honestly haven’t had much interest in staff departments etc, only ever been in it for the people.

3. What has been your favourite overall moment/memory at Habbox so far?

Obviously meeting Scott…. other than that, there isn’t anything specific, lots of little things! Habbox itself is just gonna be one big memory, there’s sooo many things that have happened that I come across and I don’t remember them happening!

4. How much do you think Habbox has changed over the years? its went through different stages.

When i first used it (2006-2008) it was really clique and quite horrible! Then about 2009 people started branching out more with spam being like one big group? Then 2011-2013 people started just being themselves and branching outside of spam too! Here we are in 2016 where I think we’re all just old and grown up and all basically much more mature and open, not trying to impress each other.

Habbox Hogwarts

Towards the end of 2006, a brand new department was being created at Habbox! This department would be like no other, and involved the creation of our very own Habbox Hogwarts school on Habbo. The department featured numerous roles including head prefects, prefects and professors and was founded by Ecukii and kobi262. It went live in early 2007.

The sad news is, the department did not last long. Due to lots of similar rival role play rooms on Habbo and the sheer scale of the department the project only lasted a few months.

Screenshots of the day!

I haven’t received too many screenshots yet (if you have any old Habbox related pictures saved somewhere please do send me them!) Today’s screenshots were sent in by dbgtz, so a huge thanks to him!

This first screenshot is from 2013 and gives us a great insight into the physics of one of the Habbo co-owners bottom ends! 

This next screenshot from 2014 features a much noobier looking Absently grassing on a HxHD staff member (and getting their name wrong!)

Question to win 10 points for the birthday event!

In order to win 10 points towards the birthday event, all you need to do is answer the following question and drop it in a PM to Martin. One randomly selected winner will grab the prize!

Question: What year was the Habbox Wiki site first opened to the public? 

Thanks for reading this first edition of our Habbox history articles! Throughout the week you will gradually learn more about Habbox’s history, hear from lots more old members and there will be a lot more memories along the way too! See you tomorrow!

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