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[Habbox History] Down Memory Lane..1
By - Posted 9th July, 2016 at 12:29 am Habbox

Hey guys and welcome to this latest Habbox History article! These articles aim to take you back in time on a nostalgic throwback to the depths of Habbox’s past! Today, we’ll be hearing more memories from some of our older members.

Unfortunately nobody got the answer to the last question correct! The owner of the Habbox Helpdesk during June 2011 was actually…me! (Bolt660). Don’t worry though, there’s another chance to win 10 points towards the birthday event at the end of this article. I hope you enjoy reading!

Down memory lane..

Today I have three mini interviews for you- all very different and all offer a very different collection of memories about how Habbox used to be and what it has meant to people. The first interview is with an ex Assistant General Manager (Community) and ex Competitions Manager who really made a difference to the community side of Habbox. This is of course, Inseriousity. who joined the forum all the way back in April 2006!

1. What are your earliest memories of Habbox?
I joined Habbox full time when I wanted help with a technical issue (my Habbo wouldn’t load) so I thought I had a better chance of getting it fixed with all the people that were on Habbox daily. It fixed itself in the end but I stuck around because I got rejected for an Articles job and I was as stubborn back then as I am now. Early memories include getting my first job at Habbox in the News Department with Yum999, writing the script for Little Red Riding Hoodie (a panto for the Productions department that died out when the manager Test:Tube:Baby left) and going to the staff bonding for Takeshi’s Castle and meeting Mathew and Alex3213.

2. What would be your overall favourite department at Habbox, and why?
Competitions, of course! I spent a long time there and it’s small enough to fly under the radar but still plays an important role in the Habbox community. Also a good place to be creative and think of big ideas, which I enjoy doing.

3. What has been your favourite overall moment/memory at Habbox so far?
It’s hard to choose, I’ve been at Habbox way too long. I think meeting lots of really good people and becoming really good friends and having lots of laughs along the way has made it all worth it (even if some have vanished from the face of the Earth). I think organising the Habbox Olympics was a particular highlight because of the way the community had to be quiet for a change (because of the Great Habbo Mute) so it just meant they had little choice but to enjoy the events. I thought it was going to be a disaster when the mute happened but I was really pleased with how everyone from staff to members adapted and seemed to enjoy it more. Attending the Habbox Awards 2012 where it was broadcast live on HxL for the first time was good fun too. I made a lot of risky jokes in the speeches and during the test run with no audience, I was worried it was going to fall flat but thankfully, people seemed to like it.

4. How much do you think Habbox has changed over the years?
It has changed so much. The number of people that come to Habbox has decreased over the years but Habbox still has the best community! Through the good and the bad times, there are still people here that are worth sticking around for.

Next up is FlyingJesus who also registered in 2006!

1. What are your earliest memories of Habbox?
In my introduction thread being warned (by the people who would later become my fabulous spam clique) about a member called Steven who got his member called Steven out on MSN webcam to one of them. I think he was a moderator. Some things never change.

2. What would be your overall favourite department at Habbox, and why?
Events obv because it’s run by the best people… And Jake helps too. But yeah we’re on the front line of advertising, catering to the Habbofolk far and wide and of course giving everyone something to do on those saturday nights when everyone with a life is outside.

3. What has been your favourite overall moment/memory at Habbox so far?
Oh lordy, far too much to choose from. Almost certainly one of the many many fights over the years because ALTHOUGH I OBV DON’T CONDONE RULEBREAKING they are the funniest times. Apparently I have a usernote or two for taking part but it’s all good in the hood.

4. How much do you think Habbox has changed over the years?
In some ways, loads – we have a generally older userbase especially among management, the community as a whole (with some exceptions of course) is much friendlier than it ever used to be, and things tend to feel a lot more laidback than they were under certain previous dictators. In other ways we’re the same as we’ve always been – the people fight and dance and panic and riot and laugh and fall in love and fight again and are basically human beings. It’s funny to see the same types of people recycled in a new generation every so often no matter how much everything else changes.

Finally, we hear from Goldenmerc, whose forum account was made in October 2005!

1. What are your earliest memories of Habbox?

Erm, more than likely the helpdesk with DJ-3000 or possibly Mizki and DJ Mintsplash ???? or something DJing on HabboxRadio (which can I say is 5000000x better than HabboxLive) it had such a welcoming community, the DJs LOVED doing it, people loved listening, I mean they even released a single together…

2. What would be your overall favourite department at Habbox, and why?

Erm, I’d love to say marketing… as its mine. but HabboxTV was cool and all, it wasn’t productive, it had no use’s but it was fun, people liked it. I even opened apps once or twice, in total a good 2-3 apps…

3. What has been your favourite overall moment/memory at Habbox so far?

Erm, can’t say much more than the HHGS / Russian Samovar Incident (Thanks Dan!) Then the many perm bans, they’ve been great.

Shout out to everyone who has given me a perm ban

4. How much do you think Habbox has changed over the years?

Habbox has changed a lot, but the community has stayed the same, which is awesome. It’s so weird to think we aren’t going to stop aging, nor is Habbox. But most of us are now the same age

Question to win 10 points for the birthday event!

Unfortunately nobody got the last question correct, however don’t worry as I’m giving you another chance right now to win 10 points towards the Habbox birthday event! All you need to do is answer the following question and drop it in a PM to Martin. One randomly selected winner will grab the prize!

Question: Who was the first ever Competitions Manager at Habbox? 

Thanks for reading this edition of our Habbox history articles! Throughout the week you will gradually learn more about Habbox’s history, hear from lots more old members and there will be a lot more memories along the way too! Be sure to give this article a like!

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    Ashley9281 commented on 12th November, 2016

    Habbo history! Go down memory lane 🙂

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