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[Habbox] Rubber Duck Tour2
By - Posted 16th March, 2024 at 5:46 am HabboHabbo GuidesHabbox

Dive into a splash of fun with Habbox where we celebrate the joy and whimsy of Habbo’s beloved rubber ducks.
Get ready to explore some of our favorite quacky companions, as we embark on a quacking great time filled with fun, laughter, and, of course, lots of ducks!

Room Owner: __tbl

Room Name: [Habbox] Official Rooms Hallway

Difficulty: Easy

Search __tbl or type in :roomid 78291407 to begin!

Official Rooms Hallway 

Enter The Door Teleports.

Wannabe Duck


Find and click the 10 Wannabe Ducks.

When all ducks have been found, say “done” to teleport.

Enter the Forest Ring Teleport.

Scuba Duck

Stand in front of the bot for instructions.

Walk on the pier.
If you are teleported back to the Piece of Drift Wood, go speak to the bot.

Double click the Fishing Line.
Once you have a fishing line, start clicking the Scuba Ducks as they appear.
If you’re having problems clicking the ducks, try to click towards the bottom and not the head.

Each duck will gain you one point.
When you have reached 30 points, you will teleport.

Enter the Forest Ring Teleport.

Quest Duck

Complete the roller maze.

Avoid colliding with the Starfish.
Flick the switch to turn the one way gate.

Walk on the pods without stopping.

Use the orange color tile to get to the Aqua Roller.
Avoid colliding with the Plushy.

Use the orange color tile to get to the Aqua Roller.
Stand on the last orange color tile to teleport.

Enter the Hot Spring Teleport.

Rubber Duck

Wait patiently in the queue.

Beat the On Track F1 Duck to the Stella Tile.

Use the Orange Pod to make it to the Red Roller.
Step on the Doormat to make it to the Teal Habbo Roller.

Enter the Hot Springs Teleport.

Zombie Duck

Lay on the Gooey Hospital Bed.

The green tiles will change to orange, then red.
Win the game by staying on the green tiles.

Standing on the red tiles or walking on the Lava Blocks will cause you to lose.

Enter the Forest Ring Teleport.


Walk to the bottom to receive your first badge.

Enter the Forest Ring Teleport.

Old Timer Ingredient

Make your way to the Mystic Bazaar Pillows at the end of the path.

Only walk when the Crystal Ball is lit, as above.
Avoid walking on the Purple Paint Splats.

Enter the Forest Ring Teleport.

Duck Frank

Flick each switch to move to the next seat until you reach the Hot Air Balloon.
You have a chance to move to the next seat or the previous.

Enter the Forest Ring Teleport.

Trippy Duck

Stand in front of the Forge Stove.

Make your way to the Purple Mossy Fungus Arch whilst avoiding the moving Glowballs.

Answer the duck’s question:

Which side of a duck has the most feathers?
The outside

Make your way to the Cursed Cave Floor.

Enter the Forest Ring Teleport.

Icy Duck

Complete the roller maze.
Use the moving Snow Puffs to make it across some of the rollers.

Walk on the Snow Puff to teleport..

Enter the Forest Ring Teleport.


Walk on the Brick Beam to receive your final badge!

We hope you enjoyed this Habbox event!

*+*+ ? Leave a comment below about your experience. ? *+*+

Like! 3
    FlyingJesus commented on 16th March, 2024


    Rusted commented on 22nd March, 2024

    I love this!!!! So many ducks!!!! <3

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