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By - Posted 10th December, 2017 at 6:13 pm HabboxSpecial Events

How will you spend your Christmas holidays? While you wait for those precious few days off to come around, Habbox has prepared a big fun event with a super prize up for grabs!

This is the Christmas Cup; a little tournament of a few hours of shelf soccer, a game on Habbo since 2008 and revisited many times, many of you have already heard about. The tournament will take place on December 12th at 9:30 pm (UK time) and will last approximately two hours.

For more information, click “Read More and Comment” below.

There will be eight teams of 3 players each competing in direct matches until the final, where only one team will win the official Habbox trophy + 150 credits (50 credits each player). Each game will last 4 minutes and the team that scores the most goals will win the match and move on to the next game.

It doesn’t end there for the losing teams though! They can still attend the other games and win other prizes on the sidelines. In fact, the supporters in the room at the end of each game will participate in a mini-game (eg: trivia questions) and the fastest to answer will win 5 credits a pop!

We wait for you on December 12th at 9:30 pm (UK time) for an unmissable event by Habbox. We recommend that teams register before the tournament and go to the room at the agreed time!

In the spirit of regular football, there are two main aims for certain types of players:

– Scoring goals (for attackers)
– Attempting to NOT concede goals (for defenders)

So, the two challenging teams are composed of three players each, in one of two possible “formations”:

– 2 side defenders and a central striker
– 1 central defender and two side strikers


Your team will play in BOTH of these through the game – one formation in the first half (while your opponents play the other formation) and then switch over for the second half. It shouldn’t make a difference which you begin with, but any strong preferences can be sorted before the game begins.

In the room, you can find a group called HIFA. This group concerns the Official Federation Of The Shelf Soccer that organizes periodic tournaments, where you can sign up and start opening teams or joining a team. In the future, “national” teams will be created (eg UK national team, US national team and so on) and international tournaments will be held (eg World Cup) where other Habbos from other hotels will also participate. For further information contact Stilect on the hotel.

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