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Habbox Staff Interviews – 118
By - Posted 6th June, 2021 at 3:22 pm Habbox

Hello everyone and welcome back to another edition of Habbox Staff Interviews.

Without further ado, this week’s interview is highlighting the lovely….


Click “read more” to find out!

Ekelektra also known as Erin!

Here is what Erin had to share when we had our interview.


What made you decide to join Habbox?

I had recently returned to Habbo after a four year break and would always search for the latest news and rumours, and always ended up on HabboxForum reading the discussions. So, I decided to stop lurking and join and then started hanging out at the Help Desk.


What are your current role(s) at Habbox, and what is one of your memorable moments from working in one of those roles (or previous roles)?

At the moment, I am the Content Design Manager and also a Senior HabboxLive DJ. In the past I’ve also been an Events Organiser and Help Desk Staff.

I remember really clearly the day I was offered a trial for the Help Desk because I literally screamed in real life with excitement and rushed online even though no perms were set up yet… And then I was there for two years!! and made some of my closest friends that I have today.


What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I do postcard swaps where you send a card and receive one back, my collection has about 300 that I’ve received from 40 different countries. I love painting my nails (they’re sparkly green at the moment) and doing puzzles – at the moment I’m doing a foresty picture one.


How do you handle criticism?

I do prefer that people tell me (nicely) when I’m doing something wrong but if it’s harsh criticism then I’ll be very hard on myself about it.


What movie can you watch over and over again?

Titanic. The sets and costumes are incredibly well done and so pretty, there’s so much to look at and notice. And although I know the story well, when the ship hits the iceberg there’s still that huge feeling of dread and angst.


If you had one day left to live on the Earth, what would you do?

Just spend it with my family and try not to panic.


What’s your current favourite song and why?

Taylor Swift – Getaway Car

Taylor Swift is one of my favourite artists and this is my favourite song by her. It’s a bit of a crime that it was not released as a single. It has a high bpm compared to my other music so pumps me up and I like the old school, film noir kinda story.


Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Hopefully not exactly the same as I am now! I would like to own my own house and have a proper career. But I’m not decided on what kind of career that would actually be.


What motivates you to work hard?

A good mood and other people. If I’m doing something just for myself it’s too easy to procrastinate but if it’s for someone else like at work or to help someone out then I don’t want to let them down.


What is your proudest accomplishment?

Honestly I am so proud of my Habbox accomplishments especially (shameless plug time) Habbox Wiki. Anytime someone contacts me on Habbo about it or I see it mentioned or linked to I get insanely proud. Of course that’s not just my accomplishment though because lots of people are involved but I truly do love what we have achieved.


Thank you for reading! If you’re ever interested in sending postcards, make sure you get in contact with Erin to add to her collection! 🙂

Like! 4
    Ekelektra commented on 6th June, 2021

    I literally would send one if anyone ever wants a postcard!!! There’s a website I go on that organises swaps 😉

    This was so sweet lol thanks!!!

    __tbl commented on 6th June, 2021

    Postcard swaps sound fun!
    Love learning more about Erin!!

    lucpix commented on 7th June, 2021

    You are undoubtedly right about Titanic — I watched it so many times (being part of my personal list of overseen films too questionable to even have the right of being overseen such as the Ant Bully and Boyhood) that it basically became a fourth dimension in my head I can occasionally go to but not enough to make something to remember Jack that there was enough room on that icy floating platform for 2 people! By reading the recent staff interviews (mainly this one and Samantha’s) I have this feeling that most of you are the people from your respective cliques who somewhat managed to learn 2 new languages and applied to 35 different online courses in 2020 which kinda motivates me to have the same attitude under my own stuff — viva Erin!

    FlyingJesus commented on 8th June, 2021

    I’ll send you a postcard from Habboxia

    Badr56 commented on 9th June, 2021

    I would love to send you a postcard from Denmark would be so fun 😀

    Triz commented on 19th June, 2021

    Getaway car is a tunnne

    Tinkarbell commented on 24th June, 2021

    Yhunga commented on 28th June, 2021

    Most wholesome person I have ever read about

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