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The Habbox Awards 2021

The Habbox Awards 2021

Oh what a night! We tallied up your votes, and if you missed the ceremony you can see the winners here!

The Habbox Awards 2021
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Habbox Staff Interviews – 120
By - Posted 27th July, 2021 at 6:09 pm Habbox

Hello everyone and welcome back to another edition of Habbox Staff Interviews.

Without further ado, this week’s interview is highlighting the lovely….


Click “read more” to find out!


Here is what Lucy had to share when we had our interview.


What made you decide to join Habbox?

It was my go-to fansite when I was a kid, so was thrilled to see it still active when I returned! 🙂 I have a nostalgic soft-spot for Habbox so feel quite attached/passionate about it 🙂 I loved hosting my own games independently beforehand too, so figured it would be nice to be part of a team! I also LOVE creating comps/puzzles too hehe.


What are your current role(s) at Habbox, and what is one of your memorable moments from working in one of those roles (or previous roles)?

Just Competitions staff now. I was events for quite a while and still host occasionally, but I decided at the moment I couldn’t commit to minimums anymore as my symptoms make it difficult for me to host now.


What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Pretty much just constant sleeping and video games at the moment… that is literally my life right now. We have 3 TVs; One each to play on and we’ll watch a TV series/films on the other one. Or snuggling my kitties! and my partner obviously… I used to love doing jigsaws or arts & crafts but don’t have the space nor ability to right now. I do have some online college courses like mindfulness/confidence and a sketchbook challenge atm which are quite fun.


How do you handle criticism?

If it’s constructive criticism then I really appreciate it, but if it’s people just being nasty then I’m not great at dealing with that to be honest. I will just get anxious and upset, and end up dwelling on it for weeks if not months or longer depending on the nature of the conflict/the person it was with. I’m very overly emotional and can’t handle conflict at all. I just end up with permanent, resting anxiety around that person from then on lol.


What movie can you watch over and over again?

Quite a few haha. Definitely soppy, emotional ones like Forrest Gump, My Sister’s Keeper, The Last Song, The Notebook… Then pretty much any Classic Disney or Marvel film! Recently we had a Kevin Smith fest watching all the Jay & Silent Bob films with the reboot coming out on Netflix.


If you had one day left to live on the Earth, what would you do?

Head to the East coast, find a solitary section of beach, relax and reminisce about the good parts of my life while listening to personal, meaningful music.


What’s your current favourite song and why?

Charlene Soraia – In the arms of an Angel (Very depressing but meaningful and I find it soothing). We also have “Scotty Doesn’t Know” play quite often in our car playlist and blast that out every time hahaha.


Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Awkward… let’s skip this one… lol.


What motivates you to work hard?

My niece & nephew. They’re the reason I can’t stop trying.


What is your proudest accomplishment?

Before I got ill I used to do a lot of charity work. I swam a mile for Comic Relief, drank nothing but water for a week & made and sold puzzle books for Children in Need, did the Race for Life for Breast Cancer Research, sold poppies for the RBL and did a lot of volunteering with the local community centre and charity shop! I also donated my hair to kids with cancer which felt really nice.

Also, just thought of my proudest moment! When I first started working as a support worker, I was taking care of a 70+ year-old gentleman with Down’s Syndrome (he died a couple of years ago and was in the papers for being the oldest man with Down’s in West Yorkshire!) Anyway, his brother had recently died; he was very depressed and had been on hunger strike for a few days so was very poorly. I spent the day with him, got him a haircut then took him to a café and ordered him a quiche whilst I had my pasta. I didn’t pressure him about eating and just left it on the table while talking about other day-to-day stuff. I nearly cried when he started eating the quiche! I was so proud of him and myself. I think that is one day that I’ll definitely never forget!


Thank you for reading! Make sure that you ask Lucy more about her charity work that she used to do, maybe she can give you all some ideas if you are interested!

And congratulations as well for your recent promotion to Senior Events Organiser!

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