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Habbox Staff Interviews – 210
By - Posted 27th July, 2020 at 9:11 am Habbox

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another edition of Habbox Staff Interviews.

If this is your first staff interview that you are reading, every so often I will be posting a new interview of one of the members of Habbox staff.

This week’s article is highlighting the lovely……

Click read more to find out!


It’s nic01e! 


Here is what nic01e had to say when we had our interview.


What made you decide to join Habbox?

I returned to Habbo in 2018 after a long hiatus; Habbox and another fansite which shall not be named but is no longer active (lol) were the only fansites around on Habbo UK back in the day. I was drawn to Habbox for nostalgic reasons.

I didn’t apply for Habbox, I had competed in HxSS and told a member of staff that I was thinking of applying for events and then one of GM’s asked me for my usernames which I assumed was something HxSS. It wasn’t, it was for my website permissions for the events department lol.

I find it hilarious now, but after the initial nerves of hosting an event, I really enjoyed it and I’m thankful every day.

I like the morals of our community. I like how we don’t charge anyone to play in any of our events and that we also don’t discriminate against winners with prizes, by forcing players to sign up for an account for a bigger prize.

You should sign up because we are awesome. We also have a lot of lovely members of staff who make working at Habbox really enjoyable.


What are your current role (s) at Habbox, and what is one of your memorable moments from working in one of those roles (or previous roles)?

I am currently the Events Manager and Competitions staff.

Oh god, there is loads of memorable moments. Like when Ruth said ‘thing’ on the radio and I thought she said ‘scene’.

When I won the ‘Most likely to go to jail’ award in 2018, still makes me laugh.


What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I don’t normally have loads of free time, but when I do; I enjoy working out. I live on the beach so I take my dog down there for walks often (even though it’s illegal during the summer months, but if they allow tourists on the beach and they act like animals, then I’m taking my dog on there as well)


How do you handle criticism?

Quite well, if it’s from someone I care about, then I can handle it and I’ll take it on board. If it’s from someone I don’t care for, then it’s amusing for me more than anything and I completely ignore it lol.


What movie can you watch over and over again?

Mean girls, it’s so fetch.


If you had one day left to live on the Earth, what would you do?

I’d do something to make me feel alive; skydiving I think would be my first choice.


What’s your current favorite song and why?

Oh this is a tough one, Mountains – Biffy Clyro.

The song is a little subjective, so it’s open to your own interpretation and I find it very empowering, personally. I’ve also seen Biffy Clyro live and they were amazing. During lockdown, I’ve found empowering songs have been helpful for coping.


Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I plan on re-mortgaging next year and moving from my flat into a house with a garden. So, hopefully in a house with a garden and with another dog. I hope I’d have the opportunity to travel to a few more countries in the next few years as well.


What motivates you to work hard?

Anything creative, I enjoy and love to put my time into because the rewards are worth it.

Career wise, money lol.


What is your proudest accomplishment?

My younger sibling. I’ve had custody of him for a long time due to circumstances beyond our control, and he’s so smart and funny; I’m proud to have him with what he’s achieved with my support.


Thank you for reading! Who will be next…


Like! 13
    Jarkie commented on 27th July, 2020

    Perfect article – Nic you are a funny lass. Keep it up at being a great person 🙂

    Rusted commented on 27th July, 2020

    This is so FETCH!

    KatieJP commented on 27th July, 2020

    Love it!

    jamiexo commented on 27th July, 2020

    Yesss, so fetch 😉

    lucpix commented on 27th July, 2020

    you can sit with us

    __tbl commented on 27th July, 2020

    I demand garden pictures and all the puppy pictures!!!!!!
    What kind of dog will you be getting when you get another?

    nic01e commented on 28th July, 2020

    I have a frug, a pug crossed french bulldog. I’d love another fruggie, or a pug or a french bulldog. They’re funny, low maintenance and are great with kids!

    YellowBelli commented on 28th July, 2020

    Your proudest accomplishment is the best <3

    Badr56 commented on 30th July, 2020

    Amazing Article Nic is awesome 😀

    Ethann commented on 1st August, 2020

    i say cola

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