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Habbox Horoscopes – Weekly0
By - Posted 25th October, 2017 at 8:42 pm Habbox

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º Aquarius º
[January 20th – February 18th]

On your mark, get set, GOAL! This Monday, October 23 the Sun sails into Scorpio and your driven tenth house and sets you off on an ambitious tear. Give your “live for the moment” M.O. a rest—and tell your hippie friends you’ll be back to the cuddle puddle in a couple of months. Between now and November 21, the future is your focus. Keep your eyes on the prize, Aquarius, especially when it comes to your career. You could level up in ways you can’t even imagine. But let yourself get distracted, or worse, caught up with worries about other people judging you, and you might miss this brief, but potent, window of opportunity. Before you dive into action, map out your plan. No matter how big or small your endeavor, a road map will keep you on point. And even before you start project managing, how about writing out a mission statement and making a vision board? As an idealistic Aquarian, you’re far more motivated by the idea of revolutionizing the world than you are by some flash-in-the-pan ego stroke.
Want to break free from The Man and become your own boss? Or at least work more independently at your 9-5? (Rhetorical questions, Aquarius, of course you do.) With enterprising, autonomous Jupiter also speeding through Scorpio until November 2018—and making an exact connection to the Sun on Thursday—now’s the time to go for it. This week, a worthwhile venture could be presented, one that requires you to leap. Do your due diligence, of course, but don’t let a great opportunity pass you by. At work, you may be vaulted into a position of greater leadership, which IS a good argument for staying put and milking it for all it’s worth. If you see room for improvement, speak up. Your commitment to greatness will peg you as an influencer—and important eyes will be on you! And who says you can’t start your indie brand as a side hustle? If you don’t personally have the cash to start up, get creative. Key players might be willing to barter some of their talent. For example, you may offer babysitting services in exchange for graphic design or photography help. Never underestimate the power of your network, Aquarius. You’ve been there for so many people, don’t be afraid to ask for a little back scratching in return. The tenth house also rules men and public image, helping you make amends with an important male figure in your life, perhaps a boss, buddy or dear old dad. The gents will be full of good advice and possibly good leads, so drop your guard when you’re around them and listen up. Whatever you decide to pursue, dive into it without reservations, and to maximize your month, decline invites that are tempting but ultimately just distractions from your purpose.
But lest you worry that you’re losing your edge, Friday’s quarter moon in Aquarius sweeps in for the save. All work and no play just ain’t the Water Bearer way. The question may now become, “How can I play more productively?” Spend more time with friends who motivate you and share your go-getter groove. Maybe you go for morning walks together where you can download your latest ideas and share empowering tips. And do leave blocks in your schedule for unscheduled roaming and mingling. The element of surprise HAS been known to work in your favour, Aquarius, as long as you don’t leave too much up to the chaos theory.

º Pisces º
[February 19th – March 20th]

Ready to sing a bohemian rhapsody? (Or maybe a bacchanalian one?) The Sun sails into Scorpio and your indie-spirited ninth house this Monday, October 23 making freedom MUCH more than “another word for nothing left to lose,” as Janis Joplin famously crooned. Between now and November 21, it will be an ethos to bring into everything you do. Constraining yourself to play by other people’s rules? Not a good look, Pisces. You’ve already felt the call to cut loose since October 10, when horizon-broadening Jupiter sailed into Scorpio. Now, as the confidence-buoying Sun joins Jupiter there—and makes an exact conjunction on Thursday—you’re ready to live life on your own terms.  And maybe check out some new territory. Your wanderlust will be hard to quench over the coming four weeks so don’t turn down any opportunities to hop on a plane or accompany a friend on a road trip. This vacation could have a spiritual or educational component; something that deepens your interest in life’s great mysteries. But even an Airbnb weekend can do wonders to reboot your operating system, and you might even take this one as a solo pilgrimage and let spontaneity be your guide. Close to home, keep your ears perked for intriguing accents. This culturally expansive solar cycle can attract a diverse crowd of collaborators, friends and romantic interests.
Got plans brewing to develop (or expand) Pisces, Inc.? Because the ninth house also rules entrepreneurial ventures and publishing, you could be filled with inspiration for a new business or a book. If your skills are rusty, enroll in the coursework you need to bring them up to speed. It’s fine to be self-taught but how about taking it one step further and going for the accreditation? This may help you command greater opportunities in 2018. Already a master in the industry? This Sun-Jupiter surge could spur you to develop your own curriculum. Teaching classes—or retreats on Maui, maybe—may become a profitable and pleasurable path for some Pisces. Or take in some savvy strategies from and get to work on developing your own webinar.
Shield your field near the weekend! On Friday, the quarter moon in Aquarius could illuminate an energy vampire when it shines its balancing beams in your twelfth house of illusions. Trust your gut. If you feel drained in someone’s company or bizarrely obligated for no legit reason, it’s NOT just their Halloween costume. Sayonara, bloodsucker! In less extreme cases, you may have mixed feelings about a person who seems to be buttering you up. Are they sincere? What do they actually WANT from you? Flattery may have won them an express pass to your inner circle, but now you’re feeling weird and exposed. Since this is a moderate quarter moon, you don’t have to ghost. Just take a step back and recalibrate the pace. If they are truly meant to be in your life, they’ll respect the boundaries you set. And just because a friend is ready to lend you their ears, be careful about who you share your intimate secrets with this weekend. You need to get something off your chest and it’s important that you do. But with the moon lingering in your sketchy twelfth house, only pour out your heart to people who have earned their loyalty points.

º Aries º
[March 21st – April 19th]

Thou giveth fever! This Monday, October 23 the Sun slinks into Scorpio and your seductive eighth house, turning up the temperature on your desire—and desirability. You won’t have to say much to make an entrance between now and November 21. It’s your presence that will shift the molecules in the room. Talk about the power of seduction! Of course, no one’s gonna stop an Aries from playing the part of the siren. Subtlety should not be underrated because, during Scorpio Season, innuendo wins over “in your face.” Erotically, the coming four weeks could bring plenty of fodder for your locked diary. You might attract a love interest who is not only gifted in the physical arena, but gets you in a mind-body-tantric kind of way. But be fair warned: This Scorpionic passion often comes tricked out with jealousy and competitiveness, and power struggles may blot out some of the sexiest features of the landscape. And as fun as the cat and mouse games may be, your urge to merge is always stronger during Scorpio Season. Save your FINAL-final rose for someone who would be fun to settle down with—and actually wants that. If you’ve already met your match or are hovering on the threshold, the Sun’s arrival in Scorpio can set the stage for those thrilling (if not a teensy bit scary), “Where is this relationship going?” conversations. Take a chance and vocalize your desires on Thursday when Jupiter, the galactic gambler, meets the bold Sun at the same degree of Scorpio and buoys your confidence.
The eighth house also rules big money, the kind that comes from investments, inheritances, commissions and passive income. Explore revenue streams that pay you while you sleep. Even the restless Ram can appreciate the concept of working less and earning more—or having more time to stay busy (by choice) with your hobbies. If you’ve been tucking funds into an investment, you could see a big return near Thursday’s Sun-Jupiter meetup. But with Jupiter being the high roller of the heavens, you might be tempted to play the market like you were betting at a Vegas blackjack table. History shows that a diversified portfolio is a much smarter bet than, say, placing all your (blue) chips on one stock. This might be your cue to set up an appointment with that financial adviser your friends keep recommending who can help you put a savvier savings strategy in place. It’s never too early to start socking away funds for a future of freedom.
Friday’s quarter moon in Aquarius and your collaborative eleventh house calls for a crew review. Teaming up with others isn’t exactly an Aries specialty—well, not if you can’t be the one in charge. Either that, or you have to make sure that the others involved are as competent as you, which can be hard to find. But don’t give up on the idea! These moonbeams may illuminate capable candidates to whom you feel comfortable passing the baton. Has deadweight been dragging down morale? Before you check out for the week, do something about it. Issue a stern warning if you haven’t done so yet. But if you’re feeling like a broken record, get this rotten apple OUT of your barrel. Already assembled your entourage? Have a Q4 squad goals meeting—or maybe a team-building weekend hangout—to make sure you’re not only aligned, but setting inspiring new measures to work towards together for the rest of 2017.

º Taurus º
[April 20th – May 20th]

If you’re feeling the love, Taurus, go ahead and leap. The Sun spends its first full week of 2017 in Scorpio and your seventh house of relationships. Just TRY to stave off that urge to merge during this solar spell. (Not. Gonna. Happen.) Your celestial setting is in “pairing mode” until November 21. Single? With some dedicated searching you could find that qualified candidate to play the role of your other half. Don’t just cast from the usual places. Astrological ambassador Jupiter is swinging through Scorpio, too, and meets the Sun at the very same degree this Thursday, doubling your powers of attraction. Amour might arrive bearing a sexy accent, world traveler credentials, even a different colour of skin or religious background. The differences are what make this one so dynamic, Taurus, so keep an open mind. Other ideal ways to find love when Jupiter’s in the picture? Traveling or studying—which is certainly a bonus argument for signing on for a weekend retreat or continuing ed class.
If you’re already attached, make these next four weeks as much about the “we” as the “me.” Solid relationships don’t stay that way eternally. You have to keep stoking the embers and feeding the emotional bank account. Make frequent deposits between now and November 21 by tuning in to your partner’s emotions and needs. People DO change, Taurus, and don’t assume that just because your S.O. has asked for something in the past that it’s what they want over and over (and over again). Remember, too: Being aware of someone’s feelings doesn’t make you responsible for them. With independent Jupiter trailing the Sun, this might be the week to set better boundaries with bae. As intimacy expert Esther Perel underscores, relationships can suffer from too much closeness. “Love enjoys knowing everything about you; desire needs mystery,” Perel writes. Create room to pursue your own separate hobbies and friendships. It will make your date nights much richer. With sultry Scorpio sunbeams illuminating this area of your life, carve out extra time for sensuality. And when you’re not entertaining in your boudoir, plan a vacation, co-host a party or tackle that home project that plays to each of your strengths. If your career interests overlap enough, you might consider starting a business together. But this is where VERY clear parameters are essential so your lovely vision doesn’t turn into a turf war. You might even lawyer up or at least write out an agreement so you both are clear about what the expectations and roles are meant to be.

As the workweek wraps, you’ll still have your mind on your money, thanks to Friday’s quarter moon in Aquarius and your tenth house of career. As you ascend towards that brass ring, it’s important to do periodic check-ins. Have your values shifted? Is that milestone you’ve been striving for still something you want? Since this is a moderate quarter moon, it’s unlikely you’ll cut bait, but you probably need to make a few course corrections. Could you add more soul to your goals to keep yourself motivated? Maybe you donate a portion of proceeds to an important cause or hire a consultant who can help finesse your creative visions into a practical and profitable plan. With these moonbeams coming from team-spirited Aquarius, collaborating with other people could put the wind back in your sails. Or how about organizing a 6-week mastermind group with a small squad to support one another’s goals?

º Gemini º
[May 21st – June 20th]

You might need an extra shot of espresso this Monday, October 23, Gemini, as you gear up to tackle your task list. With the Sun officially camped out in Scorpio and your systematic sixth house until November 21, ticking off boxes as “completed” could be your new favourite thrill. But, wait…do you actually HAVE a list? This is no time to be randomized, Gemini. That will just scatter your energy and leave you in a constant state of stress. Pop on the project manager’s fedora and start by writing out everything (and we do mean everything) that you keep flagging in your psyche as a “Gotta get that handled!” item. Then, group those tasks into categories like Home Repair and Work Assignments. Many can be dealt with as a batch, which also expedites progress. Your physical space might also benefit from your efficiency mission. Look around with a critical eye. Do you need more bookshelves, a desk with better drawers, a storage cabinet? How’s your electronic file management? If your desktop is cluttered with icons and open apps, this is a perfect time to bring some order to the chaos—and your mind! That’s the REAL magic of this clean up mission, Gem, as cleaning your space (mental and physical) is like preparing fertile ground for planting. And good thing since this solar power surge might attract a job offer, promotion or dream client. Don’t procrastinate! On Thursday, abundant Jupiter will meet the Sun at the same degree of Scorpio and opportunity may rain down if you’re ready.
Since the sixth house also rules health and fitness, you’ll have cosmic support in finding (or reconnecting to) a wellness plan that you love. Iceberg lettuce and elliptical machines? Sorry, not for a Gemini. The fun factor has to be there for you to stay inspired. Sign up for a cooking class or take an evening to pin plant-based recipes from blogs like Oh She Glows If you’re stumped for inspiration, try a meal delivery service. Some, like Sunbasket (, ship organic, non-GMO ingredients and recipes right to your door. Geminis tend to be die-hard music lovers. Join a gym or studio that is as famous for their playlists as they are for their workouts. To stay hydrated with a touch of luxury, treat yourself to a tea press and a selection of exotic loose-leaf blends. And don’t overlook regular medical checkups and complementary healing sessions. Preventative medicine is the way to remain in optimal health. Think of massages, acupuncture and maybe seeing a nutritionist or herbalist as more of a necessity than a luxury. With travel-obsessed Jupiter powering up this zone of your chart, you have the green light to book that yoga retreat. If it’s going to inspire you to take better care of yourself, it’s worth every penny.
This weekend, choose your words with care. The quarter moon in Aquarius shines its balancing beams into your candid ninth house. When you’re fired up, Gemini, you’ve been known to unleash a Tweetstorm—and even drag an offending party before you’ve thought through the consequences. Sometimes the best message you ever write is the one you save to drafts—and never, ever send. And even if you do, you’ll probably want to polish it up with a more diplomatic draft once you’ve cooled down. How to regain your level head? A change of scenery will work wonders so slip off for a day trip or rent an Airbnb. Even one night away will be regenerative.

º Cancer º
[June 21st – July 22nd]

Have you been cleaving to other people’s ideas about who you are and what’s best for you? Enough of that, Cancer! This Monday, October 23 you are ordered to close the opinion polls and act like the self-authorized, independent being you were born to be. For the coming four weeks, the Sun will be sparkling in Scorpio and your fifth house of creative expression, fame and flamboyance. Like a cosmic coming out party, this is your time to shine—as you define it. Maybe you’ll splash your badass self all over Instagram or put your work on display and let your talents do the talking. Whatever Crab, as long as you’re not tucking away in your shell—especially on Thursday. With amplifier Jupiter meeting up with the confidence-boosting Sun that day, your dazzle will be far reaching. Promote, shamelessly. A global audience and an opportunity to travel could be the fringe benefits of your audacious moves. Add more edge to your style. Cut an extra inch off your hair or finally get that tattoo you’ve been sketching. Need to enhance your stage presence? Consider working with a speaking coach or reserving a spot in a workshop.
Romantically, this solar cycle will still put stars in your eyes. And with Jupiter pumping up the pyrotechnics, you won’t be averse to grand gestures and PDA that might normally embarrass your private sign. Expect to have your hands full of admirers with abundant Jupiter in the frame—especially when he makes direct cosmic contact with the Sun this Thursday. If you’re single, you’ll feel braver about rolling the dice and doing some right swiping. You might even stick to the “sampler platter” plan this week instead of rushing to slap a label on a promising dating situation. If you’ve truly met The One, neither hell nor high water will keep you apart. But what if there is someone even better waiting around the corner? If you haven’t done your “market research,” at least poke around. If nothing else, it will affirm that your original intuition was on-point and you’re not just settling. At some point, of course, you have to choose “plenty good enough” and go all in. If you know in your heart that you’ve got a good candidate to work with, raise the stakes and plan an adventure date or a long weekend. You might be a homebody, but you need to see how well the two of you work together when you’re out of your comfort zones. Cancers who are happily hooked up should still get out of your cozy environment for a dress-up dinner and a live show near Thursday. Reviving the social magic in your relationship may set the stage for those overdue conversations about improving the dynamic between you.
On Friday, you won’t need props or a sexy Agent Provocateur teddy to set the joint on fire. (Although they will certainly welcome weekend accessories.) The quarter moon in Aquarius plunges into your erotic eighth house and ratchets up the seductive vibes. Stop hiding behind that protective shell or confusing the object of your affection with defensive mixed signals. Admitting to an attraction doesn’t mean letting go of control. You get to pace this thing the whole way through, Cancer. Friday’s lunar leveling can also help you pull back from relationships where, perhaps, you’ve grown overly attached. If you keep taking everything personally or getting emotional “for no reason” consider it a sign—you need to regain connection to your own center. If that’s your story, put the romantic Airbnb on hold and treat the weekend (or as many windows of time as you possibly can) like a one-person retreat. The loneliness will quickly fade when the muse flutters in as your cathartic companion. If you emerge with song lyrics, a book chapter or a work of art, we wouldn’t be surprised.

º Leo º
[July 23rd – August 22nd]

Spark up the sage wand and clear that stale energy OUT of your space! This Monday, October 23 the Sun plunges into Scorpio and your fourth house of domestic bliss. You’ll be spending more time in your lair between now and November 21, and you need it to feel like a sacred sanctuary. If you’ve had a revolving door policy for the past few weeks, there’s a chance some fair-weather friends and fauxmancers slipped past your front door. No mas! With psychic Scorpio in the mix, you’ll be extra sensitive to energies—particularly in your personal space. It’s fine to keep the red velvet rope raised. Let people earn their loyalty points before they get to kick their feet up on your overstuffed sofa. Besides, you could use a little time to unwind in private and catch up with your innermost circle. Family will be a priority for Leos during Scorpio Season, but that doesn’t mean you have to be at every needy relative’s beck and call. Set limits with people (no matter how much you adore them) or you could wind up exhausted and unappreciated. The fourth house is the feminine realm, so women will be the star players of the coming four weeks. Collaborate with your savvy sisters on a business venture or spend more time in the company of women you admire. Their mentorship can help you uplevel your own aspirations.
Friday’s quarter moon in Aquarius will land in your seventh house of partnerships, providing an important moment to evaluate your closest connections. Even the most dynamic of duos can use some fine-tuning once in a while. As a loyal Leo, you take the business of bonding VERY seriously. But being so intensely committed makes it difficult to unfurl those paws if need be. What’s more, you could be giving away your own power without even realizing it by making other people’s needs more important than your own. Reclaim what’s yours, Leo. You and you alone are responsible for your own happiness. A bit of breathing room in a somewhat smothering relationship can bring back the balance. If a non-committal type is leaving YOU in limbo-land, you don’t just have to “put up or shut up.” But pleading, cajoling and laying out a case like a high-powered trial lawyer won’t make a tiger change its stripes. Perhaps your best bet is to stop fantasizing and accept people for what they CAN provide. Sure, the status of your relationship may have to change as a result, but as a self-authorized Leo, you can create your own categories for intimacy—as long as your heart feels full!

º Virgo º
[August 23rd – September 22nd]

Mic check…one, two, one, two!  You’ve got important ideas brewing, so why not broadcast them beyond your own brainwaves? This Monday, October 23 the Sun swings by Scorpio and fires up your third house of communication for a month. Whether you’re podcasting or delivering one of your motivating pep talks, you’ll leave audiences spellbound. Keep a capture tool handy at all times so you can record those brilliant snippets before they evaporate. Who knows? They might be future rhymes for a rap battle or the opening chapter of your memoir. Because hawk-eyed Scorpio rules your mental processes, nothing gets by your critical sign. The challenge is to allow creativity to flow without applying such harsh filters—at least when you’re in the ideation phase. You can polish them to perfection AFTER the fact, but between now and November 21, throw them all on the proverbial whiteboard without judgment. You might even reserve Thursday for a think tank day. With high-minded Jupiter making a rare (as in once every 12 years) sync up to the Sun in Scorpio, you’re like a living genius bar. But bring others in to bounce ideas off of and contribute to the brainstorming. The third house favours cooperative efforts and you might discover your ideal project partner buzzing among the ranks of the hive mind. With Jupiter, the ruler of publishing, lingering in this expressive zone until November 8, 2018 you could give birth to a book, documentary or another media project—one that makes you an important voice in the zeitgeist’s dialogue.
Lend some of that ingenuity to the local scene while you’re at it. Because the third house rules hometown happenings, this four-week solar surge could find you making moves in your own community. Check out the offerings at neighborhood yoga studios and art spaces. That headstand clinic or weaving class may bring the bonus of introducing you to a great new group of friends. If your own event planner skills are brewing, find out if a boutique might want to co-host a shopping event or a local venue a maker’s market. What a great way to loop in your creative crew for some fun—and profitable—playtime. Feeling a little weary of the scene in your area? You don’t have to pull up the stakes. A short commute might be all that’s required to find offerings that are more your flavor.
Although you’ll be on the run often between now and November 21, don’t let healthy habits slip. Friday’s quarter moon in Aquarius and your wellness corner urges you to adjust your routines so that they include important things like, say, eating breakfast, exercising regularly and decompressing with journaling and meditation. With temperatures shifting, your body will be grateful if you eat with the season. Add warming ginger and turmeric to your morning smoothies and make soups out of the veggies that are being harvested now like squash, carrot and parsnip. But here’s the REAL question: Are you relying on stress to keep you motivated? That might work for a minute but will invariably lead to fatigue. Let oxygen be your “upper” instead of caffeine, sugar, or your own inner taskmaster. It might feel counterintuitive to take a fresh air (and deep breathing) break when you’re “so busy,” but the truth is, these pregnant pauses are when you’ll give birth to the most visionary ideas.

º Libra º
[September 23rd – October 22nd]

Champagne toasts are gonna have to wait. Libra Season is officially in your rearview this Monday, October 23 as you pass the birthday baton to the Scorpios. Now, with your second house of practical magic fired up until November 21, mundane matters demand attention—primarily, making money and spending it wisely. Develop temporary amnesia for Michelin-rated chefs and vintage Dior. If you’re going to spend, think of it more as an investment than a splurge. For example, will redoing the master bath raise your property value or just look pretty on Pinterest? Will that velvet blazer polish up your professional wardrobe or be off-trend in a season? Aesthetics matter to your visual sign, but pretty hurts when it hits you in the pocket and depreciates in value. This might be a good time for an austerity plan, or, if income is flowing, to work with a financial planner who can help you allocate more towards your portfolio. Building your nest egg brings a thrilling sense of security—and one that no luxury item can provide.
Of course, a Libra cannot live on ramen alone—not even the kind spooned up from a haute noodle shop. So keep your ears perked for income opportunities, too. A major moneymaking lead could fall in your lap near Thursday, thanks to a rare (as in once every twelve years) conjunction between the Sun and abundant Jupiter in Scorpio. Circulate your resume, pound the pavement, work those LinkedIn connections. Fortune favours the bold with these heavenly bodies at play—and it’s okay to show off if you know you can walk your talk. A little professional peacocking is sanctioned by the stars. And it might be what’s needed to stand out from the competition this week. Let your network know what you’re after, too, because someone from the inside could hook you up. Happy with your professional status? There’s always room for growth as the expansive Sun-Jupiter alignment reminds us. Stretch yourself this week. Trying a new app might revolutionize your workflow. Asking a friend about her side hustle could turn up an affiliate income opportunity for you. Any initiative you take will be rewarded—and rewarding.
Get on a conference call with Cupid near Friday’s quarter moon in Aquarius. Could the current state of your love life use a little course correction? Use these balancing moonbeams to assess. Maybe it’s an all-out love fest every time you’re with a certain someone, but when you’re apart, you feel forgotten or neglected. Devotion is something you deserve, Libra, but don’t ignore the part you play. Could you be infusing doubt into the equation? Perhaps both of you are playing a waiting game, biding time until the other person opens up. Stop spinning your wheels, and lay your cards—and heart—on the table. Even happily coupled Libras can benefit from some heart-centered tweaks. Shift out of old-marrieds mode and do something that moves the needle in a more romantic direction. The element of surprise will work in everyone’s favour!

º Scorpio º
[October 23rd – November 21st]

Twirl! The world is your catwalk starting Monday, October 23 as the Sun beams into your sign and sets Scorpio Season into motion until November 21. When in doubt, go the maximalist route. The next four weeks are all about defying the Coco Chanel rule and ADDING an accessory before you leave the house. Apply this approach to all that you do. The flowery metaphor, the colourful presentation template, the daring move—now is the time to swing out and make a statement. When thinking “birthday present to myself,” go beyond the expensive trinket category. Is there an experience you’d like to tick off the old bucket list in this lifetime? With worldly Jupiter cruising through Scorpio until November 8, 2018, airfare and hotel reservations could win out to splurging on that reserve bottle of champagne. And think twice about inviting your whole squad, or even your romantic partner, on this pilgrimage. When the Sun is in your sign, you want to move and evolve independently—at least for one leg of the journey. Maybe you enroll in a long weekend yoga retreat, then meet your BFF or bae AFTER for a fun and immersive exploration of the area. No matter where your pins drop on Google’s green Earth, make sure that you have ample “me time” for the coming four weeks. It’s not that you’ll do your best work in private; in fact, people-watching can be a great source of material. But between now and November 21, you WILL need blocks of time where you don’t have to answer to anyone, except for the muse.
If you’re ready to make a big reveal, try to schedule it near Thursday. That day, lucky and larger-than-life Jupiter will meet el Sol at the same degree of Scorpio—a cosmic event that only happens once every 12-13 years. But DO make sure your game is tight because Jupiter magnifies everything it beams on, including the “flaws.” No, you don’t have to have your presentation polished to perfection, but make sure you’re prepared with a good explanation for anything that might raise a question. Since Jupiter rules expansion and higher education, this meetup with the Sun might also illuminate growth opportunities. Take an honest look: Where is the gap between your current capabilities and where you’d like to go next? Follow the clarion call to enroll in training, hire a consultant or learn independently through an online course. Even if you eventually wind up partnering with another pro, it will be helpful to grasp the basics so you can talk the talk. Forget being tight-lipped about your visions and beliefs. This united front of candid Jupiter and the confident Sun wants you to speak your mind—even if that means checking your mysterious aura at the door. It’s better to be respected for speaking your mind than liked for “going along to get along” this week.
Your attention flows back to Chateau Scorpio on Friday as the quarter moon in Aquarius shines its balancing beams in your fourth house of home and family. If your collection of crystals and vintage velvet paintings (or whatever it is that you obsessively collect) is threatening to take over, roll up your sleeves and get into an organizing groove. Pack some of it away and hang floating shelves to artfully display the prime pieces. Besides opening up the flow of chi for your own well-being, your zhushing could attract some great weekend guests who swing by to fete your birthday or Halloween. A party at your place might be THE best way to celebrate. If you live under the same roof as others, the quarter moon will help you diplomatically initiate a heart-to-heart about ground rules. This is especially true if your lifestyle habits are strikingly different than your roomies’ standards.

º Sagittarius º
[November 22nd – December 23rd]

Is there ever such a thing as “too real” for your live-out-loud sign? Not often, Sagittarius. But this Monday, October 23 the Sun sinks into Scorpio and your twelfth house of mystery, illusions and divine inspiration. In order to tap the deepest well of creativity, plummet down the rabbit hole instead of sourcing all your material from the physical plane. Close your eyes for daily meditations (or, let’s call them journeys). Drown out urban noises with music that transports you and let your thoughts meander at will. “Quieting the mind” should never be the goal for your frenetic fire sign—that will just leave you frustrated and feeling like a meditation failure. Instead, simply observe your thoughts. Incorporating a journaling practice can help you get past the first hardened layers of “I can’t believe she did that to me!” or “I hope I didn’t f*** everything up.” Take regular nature walks with friends who love to go deep. Then, start mining those gems that are buried within. Some may even emerge while you’re sleeping so keep a capture tool on your nightstand. Your energy levels may be erratic during this four-week cycle. You may get tired more easily and want to turn in early—or you could be wired well past your usual bedtime. OR you could turn in but then be roused by genius ideas that won’t let you sleep. As long as you can focus on work when you need to, there’s nothing wrong with flip-flopping your life to indulge your muse. (She might just demand it anyway.) Forget about boot camp workout now. Get your cardio on the dance floor, with a bundled-up beach walk or by splashing around in an indoor pool.
On Thursday, your ruler, broad-minded Jupiter will sync up with the Sun in Scorpio, which could bring the most divine downloads. Set aside special time for your spiritual practice or soul-nourishing activities that day. You might even channel a future business idea or have THE epiphany you’ve been waiting for about next steps for your life. Got some healing, grieving or releasing to do first? Scorpio Season is your annual time for processing. Plunge in now and you’ll feel so liberated when el Sol enters Sagittarius on November 21. Since this is the realm of helpful people, earth angels, and yes, spirit guides, don’t enter that vortex alone. Enlist the support of counselors, therapists, shamans, healers and caring friends who have “been there, savaged that.” If you keep hitting a wall with a loved one, a few sessions with an expert can help you mediate the conflict, or move on, if your relationship has passed the expiration date. Not ready to cut the cord? A “goodbye for now” arrangement could provide the space you need to breathe and get clarity on the best next steps. Waving au revoir to some of the physical clutter in your life could become a priority now. With cellar dweller Scorpio leading the charge, start with a basement (or storage unit) purge-and-organize mission to keep the Hoarder’s camera crew away.
Give your social circle an unflinching review, while you’re at it. Friday’s quarter moon in Aquarius prompts some reassessment. Do you keep handing out passes to people who don’t fully appreciate you? Sure, they’re busy, they’re distracted, yadda yadda. But you can’t build a connection when they keep blowing you off, legit excuses or not. Read the tea leaves, Archer. Maybe the timing is just off for these alliances. You don’t have to block them on Facebook, just take them off your priority list and use the weekend to nurture connections with the interesting (and moreover, interested!) acquaintances who keep trying to get YOU on their calendars.

º Capricorn º
[December 22nd – January 19th]

Detach your nose from that grindstone, Capricorn. After a month of working like a fiend, you’re more than ready to have a social life again. Lucky for you, this Monday, October 23 marks the beginning of Scorpio season as the Sun swings into your communal, convivial eleventh house until November 21. With a little basic outreach, you’ll find friends who are eager to catch up with you and include you in their fall entertainment plans. Mingling will also connect you to new people who have the potential to become important fixtures in your future. Since the eleventh house has an unconventional element, you’ll connect better with visionaries, artists and disruptors than with the more familiar buttoned-down set. As your popularity invariably soars, adopt the art of the group hang and play ambassador to your friend group. You’re not the jealous type, Capricorn, and you’ll enjoy watching your inner circle discover synergies of their own. With worldly Jupiter syncing up with the Sun on Thursday, you’ll feel right at home in a diverse crowd. Who says your global activist BFF can’t bond with your sheltered coworker from the burbs? This might get interesting in the best possible way.
And remember: Every hangout doesn’t HAVE to double as a networking opportunity. How about cutting loose and having fun just for fun’s sake? Laughter is truly the best medicine for your weary soul now. (Dancing may be the second best.) Whimsical activities like black light roller skating or DJ lessons could bring out your more flamboyant side—and it might make work feel a lot less grueling when you DO have to sit down at your desk. Because the eleventh house also rules technology, think geek chic! Got an idea for an app or online venture? Set up calls with designers or developers, or start a crowdfunding campaign to raise your first round of capital. Or maybe it’s time to develop your own webinar so you can share some of that expertise. Let the digital landscape be your other playground between now and November 21.
On Friday, the quarter moon in Aquarius lands in your income zone and helps you assess your money mojo. If you’re currently being underpaid for your blood, sweat and tears, schedule a sit-down with your supervisor. Are you your own boss? Believe in yourself, and raise those rates if you’re ready—or invest in training that will elevate you to a higher pay grade. Since this quarter moon falls in tech-savvy Aquarius, brushing up your software skills might be the answer to increasing earnings. Or put your money where your mouth is. Forking out some funds for a consultant or a business deal sends a strong message of commitment. But make it a calculated risk. Forging ahead doesn’t mean putting your financial life in jeopardy.

Much Love

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