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[Habbox] Mirrored Dimensions ‘22 Part 22
By - Posted 16th November, 2022 at 2:39 pm HabboHabbo GuidesHabbox

This October and November, Habbox is taking you from this world into AnOtHeR DiMeNsIoN in our annual two-part maze! 2022 Edition…

Room Owner: Ozad

Room Name: [Habbox] Official Rooms Hallway

Difficulty: Easy

Search Habbox Official Rooms Hallway or type in :roomid 76865794 to begin!

The Official Rooms Hallway!

Enter the Door teleport to proceed to the next room!

The Beginning

Use the Joyful Gift Bag.

Use the Long-lost Teleport.


Walk only when the Bohemian Forest Lamp is green.
Step on the Arrow Tile to build your snowman, which will tele you back to the start.

Make your way to the Snowy Rock 2.

Walk only when the Bohemian Forest Lamp is green.
Step on the Arrow Tile to build the second part of your snowman.

Walk only when the Bohemian Forest Lamp is green.
Step on the Arrow Tile to build the last part of your snowman.

Walk on the Cabin Stone and Wood Tiles and say “done“.
Walk across the Snowy Rocks.

Use the Long-lost Teleport.

Winter Talent Show

Use the Classic BB ticket.

Type the letters as they appear above your head.

Complete the telephrase.

Use the Forest Ring Teleport.

Winter Hall

Survive for 50 seconds by avoiding the Nutcrackers.
Walk on the Victorian Gates when they open.

Walk to the Santa and Elf and say, “*takes picture*“.

Use the Long Lost Teleport.

Christmas Village


Answer Santa’s riddle.

Only walk on the Snowy Rocks.

Walk onto each color tile and say “*delivers presents*“.
When all the presents are delivered, say “done“.

Use the Long-lost Teleport.


Use a fish hole.
Collide with a moving Puffin.

When all the Puffins are gone, use a Fish hole.

Use the Long-lost Teleport.


When an Elf sits atop a present box, use the Toolset of the color that matches the present box.
Step on the Ice Nest in front of that elf.
You have 10 seconds to use a toolset or you will be teled out of the game.

When you have 9 points, you will be teleported.

Flick the switch to receive your first badge!

Use the Monstrous Worm Teleport.

Winter Drive

Find and use the correct twelve items.
Say “done” to teleport.

Enter Icy Teleport.

A Walk in the Park


Walk on the Ice Patch.

Use the moving Ice Nest to make your way along the Onsen Natural Rocks path.
Walk on the Snow Puff to teleport.
Repeat this for the next path.

Use the Forest Ring Teleport.

Christmas Carnival

Find and use the correct item to teleport.
The correct item changes frequently.

Avoid the moving Carol Singing Boys which will tele you away from the items.

Use the Long-lost Teleport.

Get the elf out

Use the rollers to change the color tiles to green.
The color tiles will only change if you’ve just stepped off a roller.

If you walk from one tile to another, you will tele out of the game.

You have 90 seconds to play this game.

Use the Long-lost Teleport.

Moving Inuits

You have 1 minute to make your way through without colliding with the Little Inuits.
Each step you take may move them closer to you, so watch your step!

Flick the switch on the other side.

Use the Forest Ring Teleport.

Chill out

Use the Snow Seats to move beside the snowy rocks.
Step on the Snowy Rocks only when they have snow to gain a point.
Do not step on the snowy rocks if there is no snow.
You have 55 seconds to gain 10 points.

Use the smelly cheese on either end if you wish to rotate the chairs in the opposite direction.

Use the Long-lost Teleport.

Final Badge

Use a Poinsetta to receive your final badge!

We hope you enjoyed this event.

*+*+ ? Leave a comment below about your experience. ? *+*+

Like! 5
    Erick commented on 18th November, 2022

    I love this badges so much !

    FlyingJesus commented on 22nd November, 2022

    I DID IT ahhhh such fun games and cute rooms! Great effort everyone

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