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[Habbox] Passport to Love1
By - Posted 14th February, 2023 at 3:48 pm Habbo GuidesHabbox

Pack your bags, grab your passport, and join Habbox in some romantic destinations this Valentine’s Day!

Room Owner: Ozad

Room Name: [Habbox] Official Rooms Hallway

Difficulty: Easy

Search Habbox Official Rooms Hallway or type in :roomid 76865794 to begin!

The Official Rooms Hallway!

Enter the Door teleport to proceed to the next room!

Away We Go

Use the Long-lost Teleport.

Japanese Zen

Find and use five cut roses.
Don’t spam the roses or you might turn a candle off.

When all five candles are lit, say done.

Use the Long-lost Teleport.

Onsen Hot Springs

Flick the switch to get the Onsen Wash Bucket to the Pile of Slate.

Use the Occult Teleport.

Little Venice

Find and name six items from the Valentines Comeback collection.
-cupid statue
-prom night pillar
-romantic table accessory
-romantic food

-red rose
-bubblejuice rack

When all the Brown Teddies are wearing the heart t-shirts, say done.

Enter the Forest Ring Teleport.

African Safari

Find the correct random banzai teleporter.

Use the Hot Springs Teleport.

Grand Canyon

Make your way to the Romantic Chair whilst avoiding the moving Tumbleweeds.

Use the Runestone Teleport.

Indian Sun

Flick the switch.
You might move forward or back.
Continue flicking until you reach the Black Piano Chair.

Use the Runestone Teleport.

A Date in France

Find and use the 11 hidden switches.

When all the tiles are green, say done.

Use the Forest Ring Teleport.

Parisien Market

Walk on the arrow tile to begin.

Use the One Way Gates and Bazaar Baskets to make your way to the Arrow Plate.

Walk towards the Grass Patch.

Use the Forest Ring Teleport.

Juliet’s Balcony – Verona Italy

Sit on the Runway Stool until the Rose Divider opens.

Walk on the Rose Divider.

Walk on the Arrow Plate.
Say “true”.

Say “1st century b.c.“.

Say “*wish*“.

Walk on the Stella Tile in front of the Bouncer.
Use the French Flower Cart until you receive a rose.
Walk on the Stella Tile again.

Sit on a Romantic Chair and say “*gives letter*“.

Complete the telephrase.
-Parisien Parasol
-make your Habbo wave or say “o/

Use the Forest Ring Teleport.

Santorini Date

Use the Classic BB ticket.

Sit on the Outside Bench and say “*waits for date*“.

Use the Cut Roses.

Stand in front of Phoebe and say “*Gives rose to Phoebe*“.

Sit on a Tiki Bar Stool and say “orange juice“.

Sit on an Ancient Chair and say “*eats food*“.

Sit on Daphne the Donkey and say “*rides donkey into sunset*“.

When all the tiles are green, say “done“.

Enter the White Restaurant Door.

Under the Stars

Wait patiently in the queue.

Stand on the matching dance step as the bot.
You need 12 points to win.
If you step on the bot’s marble tiles, you will lose.

Use the Long-lost Teleport.


Walk on the Gondola to receive your first badge!

Use the Long-lost Teleport.

English Rose Maze

Make your way to the Arrow Plates.
Use a White One Way Gate to enter the maze.

Make your way to the first White One Way Gate whilst avoiding the moving Sam-Ta Cherubs.

Make your way to the second White One Way Gate whilst avoiding the moving Sam-Ta Cherubs.

Enter the Pirate Teleport.

DisneyWorld – Florida

Find and use the 6 hidden switches.

When all six color tiles are green, use a Classic BB ticket.

Use the Long-lost teleport.

Disney’s Main Street

Make your way to the Green Color Tile by using the Pink One Way Gates, rollers, and White Pillows.

Repeat this two more times.

Enter the Tree Teleport.

Disney Castle

Walk on the Green Color Tiles.

Flick the switch to get the Brown Teddy to the Stella Tile.

Flick the switch to get the Romantic Table Accessory to the Stella Tile.

Flick the switch to get the Letter of Importance to the Stella Tile.

Use the Forest Ring Teleport.

Somewhere in Paradise

Sit on the canoe to receive your final badge!

We hope you enjoyed this event.

Interested in winning a love lock of your choice? Reply to our Tweet with a screenshot of yourself in the final badge room and your Habbo username. 10 love locks are up for grabs!

*+*+ ? Leave a comment below about your experience. ? *+*+

Like! 4
    camlow commented on 14th February, 2023

    The badges are cute BUT the rooms were so annoying

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