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Host for Habbox – Get Rewarded!2
By - Posted 9th October, 2016 at 1:25 am Habbox

CurrentEventsManagement.pngEver fancied hosting events on Habbo for an official fansite? Now is a better time than any, as we have a revamped rewards system in place! Our Events Department regularly hosts events on Habbo in order to promote Habbox, provide some fun for the community, and gives everyone a chance to win some prizes. You can find out more information about our Events Department by clicking here.

Events Management have recently come up with a revamped rewards system, which will allow you to earn Habbo credits, raffle tickets, tokens or VIP in exchange for your work within the department, making hosting events much more affordable. You can earn these rewards in a number of ways, simply by hosting events, or completing a number of challenges available within the department. Continue reading to take a peek at all of the ways you can earn through events, and what you could be getting!

What are the ways I can earn points once I’m in the Events Department?

….Habbo Tasks…. ….Points….
Game On!
Your basic points base, 1 point per event! 


1 point
Double Trouble
Doing a double shift (of two different games) will give you this cheeky bonus on top of your hosting points. 


2 points
I Am The One And Only
If no-one else is around for the day we’ll show our extra appreciation for your presence! 


2 points
Fire Streak
For being a part of a 3-or-more hour block of events. Each host involved gets these points! 


3 points
No Dupes
Host 3 or more times in the week without repeating the games to get this bonus. 


2 points
Innovative Hosting
Host something so new that we have to add it to the panel for you! Variations of existing games do not count. 


5 points
Top Dawg
If you’ve hosted more than anyone else during the week you get these nifty 5 extra points. 


5 points
Crowded House
If your room reaches 30 guests, take a printscreen showing your room name and the user count and post it here.* 


5 points
Packed Party
If your room reaches 40 guests, take a printscreen showing your room name and the user count and post it here.* 


10 points
Let Me In!
If your room reaches 50 guests, take a printscreen showing your room name and the user count and post it here.* 


15 points
Check My Reference
You can earn these points by encouraging another user to join the Events team. They MUST state in their application that you have made them apply – Habbo or Habbox name accepted.
10 points
….Forum Tasks…. ….Points….
Friendly Face
Make 10 posts outside of the staff/support forums!*


2 points
Community Chatterbox
Make 25 posts outside of the staff/support forums!*


5 points
Talking The Hind Legs Off A Donkey
Make 50 posts outside of the staff/support forums!*


10 points
Start some discourse by making 5 threads outside of the staff/support forums!*


4 points
Life Of The Party
Show us what you have going on in your brain with 10 threads outside of staff/support forums!*


9 points
Get the discussions flowing by making 25 threads outside of the staff/support forums!*


20 points
Pied Piper Of Habbox
Refer a newbie to HabboxForum.com! Post their forum name here, and obv your name should show on their profile as the referrer. They must be registered that week and make 5+ posts.
12 points‍

*The highest of these will count towards your score for the week, eg: making 25 posts will supplant the 10 post reward, making 10 threads overrides the 5 thread achievement, and so on.

What can my points be exchanged for?

Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you’re allowed to select one of the rewards from whichever tier you have managed to get to!

Reward Tier Points Required Rewards Available
Tier 1 2 Points 1 raffle ticket
50 tokens
Tier 2 7 Points 3 credits
2 raffle tickets
125 tokens
2 days forum VIP
Tier 3 12 Points 5 credits
4 raffle tickets
200 tokens
3 days forum VIP
Tier 4 17 Points 7 credits
6 raffle tickets
275 tokens
5 days forum VIP
Tier 5 22 Points 10 credits
8 raffle tickets
350 tokens
7 days forum VIP
Tier 6 27 Points 13 credits
11 raffle tickets
450 tokens
10 days forum VIP
Tier 7 32 Points 17 credits
14 raffle tickets
550 tokens
14 days forum VIP
Tier 8 38 Points 20 credits
17 raffle tickets
650 tokens
21 days forum VIP
Tier 9 44 Points 25 credits
20 raffle tickets
800 tokens
30 days forum VIP
Tier 10 50 Points 30 credits
25 raffle tickets
1,000 tokens
40 days forum VIP

Sounds great! How do I join?

Sounds exciting right? If you are up for a challenge and would love the opportunity to work for Habbox Events, simply get in contact with FlyingJesus. He’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about joining too! Alternatively you can apply at www.habbox.com/jobs.

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