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Maze in a Box 21′ (Part 2)3
By - Posted 24th November, 2021 at 5:01 pm Habbo GuidesHabbox


This October and November, Habbox is taking you from this world into AnOtHeR DiMeNsIoN in our annual two-part maze! 2021 Edition…


Room Owner:


Room Name:

Mirrored Dimensions ’21



Click the elevator to begin!


Part II – Habboxmas Falls

Wait patiently in the queue.

Make sure you are wearing this badge from Part 1:

Basic Witch

Step Two

Using the arrow tiles, guide the paint splat to the opposing ring plate.

If the paint splat goes over a red tile, it will then reset back to the starting position.

If you are alone in the room, say “!solo” whilst standing on the brown stage to play with the bot.

Step Three

Use the Enchanted Teleport.

Death Run



Wait for the gate to open.

Game 1

Use the rollers to make your way to the black one-way gates.

Game 2

Use the Potbelly Lamps when the Elf is beside them.

Game 3

Avoid colliding with the Carved Ice Dragon’s.
(Brown stages are seats).

Game 4

Avoid colliding with the Carved Ice Furnis.

Game 5

Find the correct path.

Game 6

Walk onto the Ice Nests.
While the Ice Nests are sliding, quickly move to the next and repeat.
Do not fall onto the spring rapids!

The Ice Nests should be positioned as above when you finish the game.

Game 7

Avoid the Gilded Ice Reindeer and Carved Ice Dragon.
Use the one-way gate for the next game.

Game 8

Walk on the tiles to turn them green.
Avoid the moving Carved Ice Angels.
Enter the one-way gate to proceed.

Step Three

Use either the Fruity Slush Dispenser or Ice Cream Trolly to proceed.

Step Four

Use the ads_1800tele

Snake Maze I


Use the rollers and one-way gates to make your way to the Attic Gate.

(The highlighted gate rotates).

Step Two

Use the Icy Tele.

Elves Workshop


Step on the Paddock Gate to join the game.

Step Two

This game lasts for 30 seconds.
Walk on the Snow Puffs when they appear.
If you miss a snow puff, you will need to avoid colliding with the Winter Palace Guard that will replace it.

Step Three

Use the Steampunk Tele.

Santa’s Workshop

Wait patiently in the queue.

Step Two

Make your way to the Hotel Staircase, only walking when the Nutcracker is facing away from you.

Step Three

Use the White Restaurant Door to go upstairs.

Step Four

Step on the Color Tile to collect the presents.

Step Five

Use the White Restaurant Door to go back downstairs.
Step on the Color Tile to put the gifts in Santa’s sleigh.

Step Six

Step on the Color Tile to collect the carrots.

Step Seven

Step on the Color Tile to give the Reindeer their carrots.

Step Eight

Sit on the Bubblejuice Sofa.

Step Nine

Walk through the Glass Door.

Step Ten

Use the Hot Spring Teleport.

Snake Maze II

Using the rollers and one-way gates, make it to the Attic Gate.
If you collide with the moving Carved Ice Angel, you will teleport back to the start.

Step Two

Use the Attic Teleport.

Beat the Dragon



Wait patiently in the queue.

Step Two

Using the Good Side Stools and One Way Gates, make it to the Patio before the Azure Dragon Lamp.
If the Azure Dragon Lamp makes it to the Patio before you, you will teleport out of the game.

Step Three

Use the Runestone Teleport.

Race to the Finish

Walk on the closed Ditches whilst avoiding the moving Bigfoot and Haunted Parasol.
If you collide with Bigfoot or the Haunted Parasol, you’ll return to the start.

Step Two

Walk onto either Patio to teleport.

Step Three

Use the White One Way Gate.

Step Four

Make your way through the path using the Arrow Tiles and Snow Seats.
If you step on the Snow-covered Rocks you will tele back to the start.

Step Five

Use the Long-lost Teleport.

Frozen Path

Make your way along the path using the Frozen Streams.
Ice Nests and Frozen Streams without Rotund Yetis are safe spots.
This game clears every five minutes.

Step Two

Walk on the Snowy Rock Bridge to teleport.

Step Three

Use the Icy Teleport.

Snow Place Like Home

Use the Joyful Gift Bag for your badge!

Sleigh those basic Grinches

Enter the Attic Door Tele.

Creepy Elves

Make your way along the Patio path whilst avoiding the moving Elves.
There are no safe zones and so you must keep moving.
In order to open the gate, you must use either a Pile O’ Balls, Well or Fish Hole.

Step Two

Walk on the Aquamarine One Way Gate to teleport.

Step Three

Use the Habbo Mall Teleport.

Icy Lake Cross

Once you step into the game area, you have 10 seconds to get across.
Use the One Way Gates to find a path to reach the other side.

This game clears after one minute.

Step Two

Use The Outhouse teleport.

Do you wanna build a Snowman

Build the Snowman you see in the Ghostly Mirror, by dragging the Snowman Parts onto the Pressure Plate.
If the wrong part is on the Pressure Plate, stand on the Cabin Stone and Wood Tiles and say pop to clear it.

When your snowman is complete, say done.

Step Two

Use the Icy Teleport.


Wait patiently in the queue.

Step Two

Standing only in the Bazaar Basket, use the rollers to sit on each Good Side Stool.
Use all 4 Pile o’ Balls to turn the glowballs on. You must do this in order to rotate the gate.

Each time you sit on a Good Side Stool, the Shadow Nekomata will move backwards.
If the Shadow Nekomata reaches the Brown Tile, you will lose and teleport out of the game.

Step Three

Use the Runestone Teleport.

Match the Color

Walk on the Habburgers Gate to join the game.
You have 2 minutes to complete the game.

Step Two

Walk on the Snow-covered Rocks whilst avoiding colliding with the Icy Beast.
Double click the French Pancakes when the Color Tile below matches the Color Tile beneath the corresponding Glowball.
When all 5 Glowballs are lit, say done to teleport.

Step Three

Use the Forest Ring Teleport.

Confused Snowmen


Double click the Potbelly Lamp to turn the lamp on and to make it follow you.
Double-clicking the Potbelly Lamp (again), turns it off and stops it from following you.

Step Two

Guide the Potbelly Lamp to the matching Color Tile.

Step Three

When all Potbelly Lamps are on the correct Color Tiles, say done.

Step Four

Use the Dragon Teleport.


Choose your path across the Plastic Pod Chairs.
Avoid stepping on the Blue Colour Tiles.

Step Two

Use the Architeuthis Teleport.

Figure Skating

Wait patiently in the queue.

Step Two

Make your way to the Diamond Throne using the seats, rollers, and one-way gates before they disappear.
You will need to do this two more times.

Step Three

Use the Fiery Pits Teleport.

Mirror in the Forest

Use the Hand Water Pump to receive your final badge!

Up to Snow Good


We hope you enjoyed this event.

*+*+ ? Leave a comment below about your experience. ? *+*+

Like! 6
    lucasmilk commented on 26th November, 2021

    Worst maze I’ve ever been to.

    Chipmunks commented on 27th November, 2021

    raged a few times thanks to dinos rooms :}

    Ms.Waf commented on 29th November, 2021

    Can someone from habbox reach me?, since there’s maintenance at the time I’m doing quest.

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