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Happy 8th Birthday Habbox.com!!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:17 pm

Today is a very special day for us here at Habbox.com as we officially turn eight years old – what an achievement!

One of the oldest and largest fansites currently existing, Habbox takes pride in having something to offer to everyone, each and every single staff member have worked hard, past and present, in order to bring you the absolute best service, doing all we can to satisfy you, our dedicated and wonderful community.

A lot has changed in eight years here at Habbox, we’ve gone through six different website designs, we’ve seen new departments be introduced, we’ve seen not so great departments close but most of all over the past eight years the Habbox community has grown becoming the family we are today! So then, I’ve done a little bit of research and here is a brief overview of some of the things that have happened at Habbox over the last eight years!

Habbox.com first opened its doors on 1st July 2003 and was initially the pet project of Mizki, a former Habbo UK Hobba. Habbox was one of the original fansites created for Habbo, it gained official status, we then lost it, but once again we now have the status at the better than ever gold level! Mizki needed help in the planning and running of the site, it was then when she hired our longest serving (but no longer active on a daily basis) staff member, Sierk, to oversee the running and production of this site. This pathed the way for many brand new features including rare values which has been the greatest legacy Habbox has ever made on Habbo. Soon after, many other staff members were included and worked towards making Habbox what it is today.

On the 9th May 2008 Habbox once again officially became an official fansite. This came a long while after the former Hotel Manager, Callie had left office and the then UK Hotel Manager Lost_Witness had taken her place. After almost three years without the official status, Habbo launched an application process for fansites to become official, of course the wonderful Habbox and Habbo public voted for Habbox and we resumed our post as an official fansite. Not only did Habbox become official once more but a new title of a ‘Gold Tier Fansite’ was introduced to the two fansites which received the most votes as peoples favourite fansite. Habbox came first with ClubHabbo bringing up the rear in a close second place which put them both at the top of the league table as official gold tier fansites. From then, Habbox has kept its official fansite status and doesn’t show any signs of losing it any time soon.

A major change then occured at Habbox in 2009, owner Sierk decided that it was time for him to hand over the day-to-day running and overseeing of the site to someone else and within a few months Jin became Co-Owner overseeing things on Sierks behalf. Jin remains as Habbox’s Owner to this very day and spends as much time on the site as possible!

2011 also brought a bright new light to Habbox, Version 6 was planned for release at same stage during the year, but due to various different problems with our Version 5 site it was decided that it would be released early in March 2011, but in a BETA stage. It was a brand new experience for Habbox users as the brand new site, coded by the newly appointed Assistant General Manager of Development, HotelUser, allowed users to decide what it was they wanted to see on Habbox.com through the use of widgets.

As you can see, a lot has happened in eight years and we hope to bring you so much more, Habbox is extremely grateful for the continued support of its community and without you guys we just simply wouldn’t be able to be here today. Each and every person that uses our site, leaves us feedback, donates to us all make a difference to Habbox and it really does inspire the management team to go on and bring you bigger and brighter things.

As a present from us to you, we are offering some funky things for you today!

Firstlyclick here for a flashback to see all previous versions of Habbox.com – see how we’ve evolved and changed as a site!

Secondly, click here to enter the forum competition commemorating Habbox’s 8th birthday!

Lastly, why not leave us a comment wishing Habbox.com a very happy birthday below and finally, why not enter our ‘Question of the Day’ competition at the top of the homepage where you can, if successful, win 50 credits!

Once again we would like to thank you for your continued support of Habbox and all of its services! Here’s to eight more years! Actually, wait, I’m sure we’ll be going for much longer than that, so we’ll change it… Here’s to the future!

Happy Birthday Habbox.com!!

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