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Happy Easter Egg Hunt Transitions Into a Brawl!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:53 pm


A happy, fun-filled Easter egg hunt in Sacramento, California, transitioned into a brawl on Easter Sunday! A humongous egg search was supposed to break the record for the world’s largest Easter egg hunt, but that possibility was terminated, resulting in the record for the number of toddlers crying over fighting between their parents. Just kidding, but still.
The hunt was set to break the record set by Florida in 2007, and it brought the number of eggs involved up from 501,000 to 510,000. Unfortunately, a problem arose in that most of the eggs were empty, and I would have felt betrayed if I were a toddler involved. Toddlers cried and parents pushed as they jockeyed for mostly empty plastic eggs, which could later be exchanged for candy. Better yet, every ticket to enter the hunt cost $20, to pay for the use of food prizes.
In utter disappointed, people were angered to find out that their hunt hadn’t succeeded because the eggs arrived late. Blue Heart International, the organization hosting the event, would not disclose profits. It is estimated however that they made $100,000 for practically doing nothing.
I feel like this was a horrible idea due to both the entry price, and the lack of any security to prevent riots from starting. I also feel bad for some children that would not have received anything, and those that had to fight the crowd just to get a dang Easter egg. This is not the way to celebrate Easter. Festivities are meant to be endured with family, whether it is your own hunt or a dinner together. 
What does this tell us about Easter? Are we straying away from the initial purpose? Do you think people will understand the true meaning of Easter? Do we understand the true corruption in our holidays? Discuss with us.

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