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Habboxween comps!

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Habboxween comps!
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Habboxween is here!

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Habboxween is here!
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Happy Easter From Habbox – Easter Eggstravaganza Information!4
By - Posted 27th March, 2016 at 4:19 pm Habbox

Everyone at Habbox would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Easter!

This year our annual Easter Eggstravaganza will run from Monday 28th March to Sunday 3rd April. That means that this year the event begins one day after Easter, giving you the freedom from school to run wild and free to gather as many eggs as you want! To gather these eggs all you need to do is participate in events by departments, regular Easter events and by tuning into HabboxLive and winning on air competitions. You can find out more information about each departments events by clicking here.

There are some fantastic prizes up for grabs which you can find below. We hope you all get involved and have fun during this bumper week of Easter goodness! Make sure you eat plenty of chocolate too! (unless you are allergic to milk in which case eat lots of erm… moo free chocolate?) 😀

First Place:
150 credits, 3 months Special Habbox Easter Eggstravaganza Forum VIP, 500 tokens & 100 rep
Second Place:
100 credits, 2 months Special Habbox Easter Eggstravaganza Forum VIP, 250 tokens & 75 rep
Third Place:
50 credits, 1 months Special Habbox Easter Eggstravaganza Forum VIP, 100 tokens & 50 rep

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welshcake Commented on 27th March, 2016

Very exciting xo

welshcake Commented on 27th March, 2016

Or should I say

FUNISMYME Commented on 27th March, 2016

Wow Lauren, wow, that was soooo chessy 😀 but yea, can’t wait to get stuck in 😀

Bolt660 Commented on 27th March, 2016

It should certainly be a CRACKING event! 😀