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Have you always been dying for that 'blue eye' look?0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:27 pm

If you have brown eyes, you may be able to change them to blue eyes in the future! 

Dr Gregg Homer (a US doctor) claims that just 20 seconds of laser light can remove pigment in brown eyes, so that the eyes eventually turn blue and has already started seeking $750,000 (£468,000) of investment to continue clinical trials for a further 18 months. Stroma Medical state that tests will take at least 18 months due to safety precautions.

However, medical experts have urged caution because destroying eye pigment can cause sight problems if too much light is allowed to enter the pupil.

The process involves a computerised scanning system, which will take snapshots of the iris and decide on which area to treat. A laser is then fired which will target certain spots in the eye, a process which is repeated numerous amounts of times.

The treatment will take 3 weeks to fully complete, in which the brown eye colour will be transformed into a blue eye colour. A process which is irreversible!

So who knows? In 18 months we could have people changing their eye colour…

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