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Have you heard about the 'YouTube 100'?0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:25 pm

It seems many people haven’t heard about the ‘YouTube 100’, so we’re here to inform you! 

The ‘YouTube 100’ is a nifty feature which was introduced by Google (Google own YouTube) onto YouTube sometime last month. This unique feature allows you to view rankings of certain videos in a variety of categories, e.g. ‘Adele – Someone Like You’ is number 1 in the ‘Most viewed videos‘ category for the week of October 11th 2011.

That’s only 1 category though, currently there are 4 other categories (5 in total) you can view. These other categories are;

– Most Discussed Videos
– Most Liked Videos
– Most Viewed HD Videos
– Top Favourited

If you thought the excitement stopped there, well you’re wrong! Not only can you choose to view the ‘Music Charts’, but you can view the rankings for all types of videos on YouTube. These are;

. All categories, Autos & Vehicles, Comedy and Education
. Entertainment, Film & Animation, Gaming and HowTo & Style
. Music, News & Politics, NonProfits & Activism and People & Blogs
. Pets & Animals, Science & Technology, Sports and Travel & Events.

Here’s another thing you didn’t know – the ‘YouTube 100’ has already been updated! In it’s very first format, it was quite similar to what a regular list would look like – now it’s a lot more modern and stylish. You can view 6 videos per page, you can see the charts right back to May 2011 (you obviously cannot go further ahead than the current date…unless you’re Dr. Who?!) and you can click ‘Play’ to listen to all the videos in order (starting at the top-ranked.)

I bet you’re now thinking “How on earth do I find this magnificent feature?” Well, It’s rather simple! There are 2 ways you can access this feature;

1. By visiting
. If you look underneath a popular music video – Such as ‘Katy Perry – Last Friday Night’, it will display Published on ___ ___ 2011, by ________. Then there will be a line with the ranking next to it e.g. | followed by “#__ on the YouTube 100. (# = Number).

This seems to be a fantastic update from Google (remember – Google own YouTube) and we hope to see more updates like this in the future!

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