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It's the Habbox Summer Spectacular!

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It's the Habbox Summer Spectacular!
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Earn those points!

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By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:37 pm

We all thought the issue had been resolved… until now.

A few of you may remember the events that occurred a few months ago that led to the banning of many “Fansite supporters“. Moderators were issuing bans to users advertising Fansite links because they didn’t check whether the links were to a Fansite or not, thus meaning many users unfairly received permanent bans for either “advertising a Habbo retro” or “advertising a scam site”. This issue became a severe pain for many users because of the incredibly long wait to receive an unban via customer support, but also because it became a repetitive problem, which simply wasn’t being fixed.

Then, the issue stopped. Moderators had been told not to ban users for “official Fansite” links and we all thought the issue was finally solved. They even created a “moderator message” which informed people about official Fansites not being scam sites. However, the joy was to be short lived

The issue has returned yet again. The new bunch of Moderators have started to ban users for advertising official Fansites, claiming that the Fansites are links to Habbo retros or scam sites. This is putting even more pressure upon many events organisers because they often provide links to Fansites during an event. Many users feel this issue is beyond “ridiculous” now… it cannot take that long for a moderator to browse through the list of Fansites and click on a link to see whether it leads to a scam site or a Habbo retro. In fact, a recent incident occurred where a user was advertising a Fansite and a different user was advertising a Habbo retro… guess which user got banned? Yes, the user who was advertising the Fansite. Where on Earth is the logic in that?!

The only thing different this time round, is the fact that customer support are dealing with the issue a lot quicker – users are being unbanned in a matter of hours compared to the previous waiting time of weeks. Nevertheless, the issue is still ongoing and desperately needs to stop. Here are a few views that users shared about the issue:

“This is absolutely ridiculous. How can they label one of their own Fansites as a Habbo retro? Bit stupid…”
“Again? Sulake need to get their act together..”
“Surely the MODS know what Fansites are?”

You’ve heard their view, now it’s time to share yours! Share your view by clicking “Read More & Comment!”

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