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Are Posthumous Holograms Disrespectful?1
By - Posted 5th February, 2018 at 1:58 am

So I am watching the Superbowl, and at the half-time show Justin Timberlake performs.

I absolutely love Justin Timberlake! …But something happened during the show. He was covering a Prince song and had a hologram appear of the singer who passed away last year.

So I started thinking, is it respectful or disrespectful for a musician to have a hologram of another musician who recently died in his show?

I personally understand both sides on this topic.

On one side Justin most likely did it out of respect, and it is his way to honour to Prince’s music after his passing.

On the other side Prince obviously did not give his consent, and we can’t be sure if Prince would be alright with Justin doing this.

This is not the first time this has happened; there was a hologram of Michael Jackson after his death performing in Las Vegas in 2014.

The music festival Coachella had a special performance back in 2012, when a hologram of 2pac (who died over 20 years ago) came on stage.

The rap group Wu-Tang Clan had a hologram of their early member Ol’ Dirty ******* with them on their 2013 tour as a memory of the 10th anniversary of his passing.

Other musicians who has been brought back to life in hologram form are: Eazy E, Elvis Presley, and Ronnie James Dio, to name just a few.

Leave a comment down below: what do you think about holograms of dead musicians? Is it okay or is it disrespecting their peace?

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    madison0442 commented on 6th February, 2018

    This is a hard one – I’m torn.