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It's the Habbox Summer Spectacular!

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It's the Habbox Summer Spectacular!
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By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:53 pm


All over the world, every kid, no matter what age, dreads that task of the day… homework time. Whether you are still in regular school, moved on to college or university, you probably have at least once thought about what you could be doing with your spare time; instead you’re doing homework.

Throughout the world, there have recently been debates, surveys, and data collections all regarding if homework really benefits you and your learning. Just recently, a school in New York has decided to stop all homework and the use of it as a learning tool. According to the Head Teacher, Jane Hsu, she says, “The negative effects of homework at a young age include: ‘children’s frustration and exhaustion, lack of time for other activities and family time and, sadly for many, loss of interest in learning.’” As this could be true, data collections and statistics show that students should spend no more than 10 minutes on homework for each grade. For example: fifth graders can spend 50 minutes on homework, whilst third graders could spend 30 minutes on it, which realistically isn’t a very long amount of time to spend.

The reasoning behind the “10-minute rule” is that it keeps kids from spending too much time on homework and it prevents stress, anxiety, and frustration. The 10 minutes a grade level is what shows to effectively improve the student’s grades and ability to understand what they are learning. 

If you are eliminating children’s homework, there is going to be less of a chance they are going to understand the information that teachers give them. If you aren’t giving out homework, and it is affecting student’s grades, it will also most likely affect the graduation rate because many kids would be failing their classes.

    Next time you are bummed out about doing homework, you could think to yourself,” What would happen if I didn’t do my homework? Would I still be as successful as I am today?” 
As everyone says,” Practice makes perfect!”

What do you think about the 10 minute homework rule? Do you think this should be a rule for everyone?
Do you belive in homework? Let me know in the comments below!

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