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Horse Hospital competition winners0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:26 pm

Looks like you Habbo Users really amazed the Habbo Staff, when they announced that they not only were going to give the badges to 50 random winners – they decided to give it to everyone who entered the poll!

They awarded 50 random correct answers with the Demon Black horse shampoo AND pearl coloured mane dye, which will look great on your horses – animal friendly colours of course! A few random winners of the lady luck competition include –

, Hevvarr, THCX, One:., Daft, jessicabo!

Well done to them all, let’s hope there horses are looking beautiful! To see the whole article with a list of all the winners in click here.

Out of the 50 winners of the Lady Luck competition, Habbo decided to give 10 honourable mentions for witty and funny answers! These Habbo’s got an extra prize – The Unicorn Horn, for their brilliant efforts! Some of these 10 honourable mentions include –

Ladybugz-;D’s Obsessive Sarcasm Disorder Cure: “5 teaspoons of Complements! With a handful of this, they’ll be sure to overcome the OSD’s!”

Heinously’s Hoof Plague Cure: “Scraping the plague off the poor horse’s hooves and putting it to bed with a nice warm cup of tea.”

kayl-‘sBaked Bean Addiction cure: “Put chilli in their baked beans! Sure that would stop them from eating as many bake beans, although that would make them have a very sore rear end!”
Once again these are not all the winners to view the whole article click here. The winners and the entrees all deserve a round of applause for simply amazing the Habbo Staff – well done everyone give yourself a pat on the back and keep up with the amazing competition entries!

What do you think of the winners of this competition, were you one of them?

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