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Hx-Articles Short Stories – Story One – xxMATTGxx0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:07 pm
Hx-Articles Short Stories – Story One
Once upon a time, in a land far far far far far far away there lived a handsome young prince called xxMATTGxx. He was the General Manager of the BEST Habbo Fansite in the planet! It’s name….
And thus begin our story!

Not only did xxMATTGxx live in this land, but his evil brothers Alkaz and Hecktix lived here too. He didn’t get on well with his brothers, he always found them stealing his bread and water and harrasing his pets. One day, he’d had enough! He stormed on over to the Jelly Castle on the top of Mount. Ice-Cream and knocked on the huge strawberry door. “Who’s there?” Said a voice from behind the door. “It’s me, your brother!” Shouted back xxMATTGxx. “Open up at once!”
The door slowly opened and there stood a young girl called JamesOYES. xxMATTGxx froze. It was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen in his lifetime! 
“Can I help you?” She said.
“Umm, umm umm” Replied xxMATTGxx
“Well, come on, spit it out”
“I’m here to see my brothers?”
“I only have a sister? If you mean the 2 boys who lived here before, they died”
“WHAT? I know I hated them, but I loved them.. deep inside… very.. deep”
“WHO IS IT?” Shouted Hecktix from afar
“It’s your brother” JamesOYES shouted back
“I thought you said they where dead?” Said xxMATTGxx
“Oh, umm… they.. are?” said JamesOYES
“Hurry up will you!” Said Alkaz
“Oh for fudge sake” Said JamesOYES “I have to go.” And she slammed the door shut.
That’s all xxMATTGxx saw of the girl and his brothers that day as they moved out. The last he heard of them was a letter saying:
 Thanks for reading my story
I wrote this within 5 minutes, as an idea, and I thought I’d publish it and see what people think
If people like it, I’ll make more, make them longer and MUCH better!  

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