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[HxSS] Badge Guide: Habbox Summer Spectacular ’219
By - Posted 11th August, 2021 at 2:34 pm HabboHabbox


Welcome to the 15th Annual Habbox Summer Spectacular! It’s the most amazing event of the Habbo summer.

With over 10,000 credits in prizes, you DON’T want to miss out.


There are four teams to choose from: Blue (Hades & Cinderella), Green (Maleficent & Peter Pan), Red (Mr Incredible & Captain Hook) and Black (Ursula & Eeyore).

Get involved by heading down to habbox.com/hxssteam and select your team now!


Room Owner:


Room Name:

[Habbox] Official Rooms Hallway



Click the elevator to begin!

Click “read more” to see how to get the badges!


Enter the teleport to begin!

The Castle

Walk on the Hotel Staircase to begin.

Use the Long-lost Teleport.

Maleficent & Pan

Use the Climbing Rope teleport.

Walk onto the Log Raft.

Make your way to the Color Tiles whilst avoiding the moving Woodland Fairies.

Use the Lost Souls Portal.

Use the Hot Spring Teleport.


Flick the Floor Switch 2 to begin.

Double click to use the Zombie Butlers.

You need to use 10 Zombie Butlers to win the game.

Use the Lost Souls Portal.

Use the Monstrous Worm Teleport.

Captain Hook

Use the arrow tiles to guide Smee to the Zen Uplighters to put out each fire.

When all three fires have been extinguished, walk on any of the tiles to teleport.

Use the Lost Souls Portal.

Use the Steampunk Tele.

Underwater Lair

Step on one of the arrow tiles

Use the Floor Switch 1 to bring the Gramophone to your side before your opponent beats you.

When the Gramophone is on the green tile in front of you, you will teleport.

Use the Lost Souls Portal.

Flick the Switch to receive your first badge.

Use the Architeuthis teleport.


Make your way to the Arrow Plates on the other side of the room.

Only walk on the Colour Tiles when they aren’t red.

There are safe zones behind the Chateau Pillars.

Walk on the arrow tiles to teleport.

Use the Mall Tele-Door.

Monsters, Inc.

Step on all four Messy Footwear.

Step on either Chill Modern Floor Lights to open the Storm Doors.

Walk on the Storm Doors.

Use the Attic Door Tele.


Make your way to the Finish Line whilst avoiding collision with the Model Cars.

Some of your steps will bring the Model Cars closer to you. Watch out!

Use the Fiery Pits teleport.


Make your way to the One Way Gates whilst avoiding stepping on the moving bananas.

On your second lap around the track, don’t drop your Water or you’ll have to start the lap over.

Use the Monstrous Worm teleport.

J.Roger v Maleficent

Use the Floor Switch 1s to move the sailing boat on the colour tiles.

Avoid the colour tiles when they begin to change to yellow.
Tiles that have just turned blue are the safest.

Use the Runestone teleport.

The Badge

Flick the switch to receive your final badge!


Congratulations you are now ready for Habbox Summer Spectacular! Don’t forget to pick your team over at habbox.com/hxssteam.

We have over TEN THOUSAND credits up for grabs this year!



We hope you enjoyed this Habbox event!


*+*+ ? Leave a comment below about your experience. ? *+*+

Like! 8
    __tbl commented on 11th August, 2021

    I LOVE these rooms!
    These rooms make me want to rewatch so many movies and listen to the songs!!!
    SO EXCITED FOR HXSS!!!!!!!!!
    go blue!!

    althea commented on 11th August, 2021

    these were really great rooms. amazed at the attention to detail in each one! i also love the bot costumes and fun games 🙂

    Chipmunks commented on 11th August, 2021

    if u seen me struggling in the cars room no u didn’t.
    cute event!!! loved ittttt

    welshcake commented on 11th August, 2021

    Amazing rooms!

    keavy commented on 12th August, 2021

    hi the hades room is broken

    Erick commented on 12th August, 2021

    This rooms and badges are amazing!!!!!!!!! good job on this everyone 😀

    Disasterjess commented on 13th August, 2021

    theese rooms are crazy good!!!

    Ethann commented on 13th August, 2021

    so many cute rooms! so much fun doing this

    Duck commented on 15th August, 2021

    Super fun room. 10 outta 10

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