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Official Habbo badge event!

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[HxSS] Habbox Past & Present Crossword!0
By - Posted 8th August, 2015 at 2:51 pm Habbox

The Articles department are planning plenty of crosswords, word searches and perhaps a few other goodies for this year’s Summer Spectacular! This first one is particularly Habbox-related as the clues are all related to Habbox over the years so make sure to get HabboxWiki up to help you with your answers! Read on to see the crossword and clues!

Send your answers in a Private Message to Empired before Sunday 9th August at 23:59 BST or you won’t win any points.
Also send which team you’re a member of so they can claim the points.
You may send the answers in in any format you like (so you can fill out the image in Paint or you can just write them down in the PM) – as long as your answers are obvious, they’ll be accepted.

Each correctly completed crossword will win 20 points, but one lucky person will be randomly generated each time to win 50 points for themselves and their team!

Also click here to see a larger version of the image (The image won’t centre for some reason, sorry!)

4. A former General Manager
7. The name of a non-Habbo HabboxForum skin
9. HabboxForum subforum: Health, Life and ________
12. Recent Habbox soap where the Habbox funds were stolen by a manager!
13. Current Habbox Content Manager
14. Name of the department which was renamed as Articles
16. Ex-Assistant General Manager (Community) who has a slightly worrying obsession with owls!

1. The winner of Habbox Olympics 2012 with a total of 284 medals
2. A current colour of Habbox Donator
3. Habbox Events Manager July – August 2011
5. A user who can also be known as Pokemon
6. A large seasonal event run each year: Habbox Easter ________
8. First ever Habbox Competitions Manager
10. A user always desperate for a Habbox Action Plan! (No punctuation needed)
11. User with the highest post count on HabboxForum
15. User with the most trophies in the HabboxForum Arcade

Don’t forget to PM your answers to Empired before 23:59 BST on Sunday 9th August or you can’t win any points!

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