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Illuminating the IM/PM!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:35 pm
It’s time to shed some light on the future look for the IM/PM (Instant Messenger/Private Messenger)!
If you have been carefully tracking all the images of the “Illumina” that staff have been posting on Twitter, then you may have noticed that there has yet to be an icon for the instant messenger or private messenger! Don’t worry, the feature isn’t being removed and we now have a few images which show some potential designs for the new chat boxes – I think that’s a cause for celebration.
Unfortunately, you’re not allowed to see the images. Here are both the images with a little description next to them:
Image 1

* Click the image to see a full size version.
This design seems to suit the other screenshots of the “Illumina”. The light silver colour scheme remains and the different tabs actually look a lot “cleaner” and more attractive due to no lines seperating an avatar’s face. It’s also much easier to notice who you are sending a message too on the chat console due to their avatar being bolded thus meaning there’s less chance of you sending an embarassing message to the wrong friend! (Don’t lie, we all know you’ve done it at least once.)
In this screenshot (just like the next screenshot) it shows the original message that a user sent to their friends – this happens currently in the hotel but doesn’t happen on invites i.e. you cannot see what you sent as an invite. Maybe the “rule” will change and we may be able to see the invites that we sent in the “Illumina”?
Design 2

* Click the image to see a full size version.

This design brought back a lot of nostalgia to many users. It resembles the old console (before it became updated) in terms of layout & colour scheme and many people have been showing support for this design because it is bringing back a little bit of the past to the present. On the contrary, this design looks completely different compared to the silver colour scheme in all other “Illumina” screenshots and it doesn’t match perfectly… it’s still quite good nevertheless.

Oh, and on this screenshot the group badge has mysteriously appeared… could this be leading way to the possibility of a group chat on the instant messenger?
Finally, we can tell this version is still being created due to the fact that there is nowhere to type and send a message!

Some users designed to comment on these brand new (potential) designs! Here is just a few of the comments that were said:

“I love the top one! Not too sure on the second one but the top one looks great!”
“Second one is my favourite, however I do like the tab settings on the first one!”
“The console looks really outdated now and I don’t think it would look right amongst the new updated features. There’s a tab open for the badge though… group chat? Interesting!”

Are you still eager for the release of “Illumina” in 3 months time? What is your opinion of these new designs? Share your view by clicking “Read More & Comment!”

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