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By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:19 pm
It has recently been reported that there is a very sneaky and clever scam going round Habbo and the scary thing is – you won’t even suspect it.
In a nutshell, what happens is someone trades you 2 Dragon Thrones or atleast you think they do… You then go on about the trade like you normally would however, what the trader actually does, is first he puts in a dragon throne and then, instead of putting in a second dragon throne, the scammer puts in a V Guitar and that V Guitar goes in the same trading box as the Dragon Throne, so in the trading box it will appear as 2 Dragon Thrones, rather than a Dragon Throne and a V Guitar.
Many people have already been affected by this scam, but the question on everybodies mind is how on Earth does this scam work? Well, thanks to one of our Assistant General Managers -Danube-, we now know! If you look at the furni data below for both the Dragon throne and the V Guitar, the data starts off like this:
Dragon Throne: [“s”,”4012“,”dng_throne”
V Guitar: [“i”,”4012“,”guitar_v”
Now, here’s the catch. Every single Habbo furniture, has it’s own unique number. But as you can see above with the bits in bold, these two numbers are exactly the same meaning that when both of these furniture’s are added to the trading box, they will come up in the same trading box because they have the same unique number.
Many people have already contacted Habbo about this problem so hopefully, it will get fixed soon but for the meantime, watch out.

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