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[INFOBUS] Relationship Abuse0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:22 pm

Today, Habbo launched a new Infobus campaign; “This is Abuse. A fantastic room has been created in which you can find the bus and the park themed area and then actually go through a teleporter and find yourself in the brand new bus!

Upon entering the poll, you are a greeted with the first of two polls will which become available to us in the next few days! Answer both polls in full (The first poll is an easy 24 questions where there are no right or wrong answers, just your opinions) and you grab yourself a “This is abuse” hand badge!

The idea of this poll is to get our opinions on board and what we think about relationship abuse and what we feel is right or what is wrong, and if we think we had experienced abuse in our relationships! Habbo start by asking you if are actually aware of the issue of abusiveness in relationships and then continue to ask your opinions on what is acceptable in a relationship with your answers ranging from “Always acceptable” to “Never acceptable” and “I don’t know”. In the first opinionated question, you are asked if what you think “Being Grabbed / Pushed / Shoved” comes under.

These questions are quite generalised and in some occasions, I feel that it always depends on the circumstances of the situation. Habbo want you to relate your answers to being abused in a relationship and not generalising the question. I.e. if you generalise “Being grabbed / Pushed / Shoved” you could think of that in a circumstance of pushing someone out of the way to prevent being hit by a car for example, however I think it idea is to relate this being grabbed, pushed or shoved in an abusive manner, in which case, in my opinion would be never acceptable, but I think I may be surprised at the amount of boyfriends/girlfriends who find this acceptable when you have a lovers tiff!

The questions go on and ask what you think of being “Slapped or punched” and “Shouting and/or swearing abuse” and in this case, I think shouting to get your point across can at times be acceptable if you’re not shouting abusive words to your partner. Some answers may be given here! here! Another one that shone out to me was “Being told what to wear / do” as this is something I’d tell my girlfriend to do in terms of what she wears depending on where she is going. Throughout these questions you have the option of “Only acceptable in some situations” which is the once I checked for this because I feel telling my girlfriend not to wear something revealing for a night out in town or to a party would be acceptable to me because of the protection I like to give my girlfriend so that no other people would attempt to make a move on here, but merely my opinion, I’m sure many others will disagree, which you are allowed to do here!

The poll goes on …

In terms of the Infobus rooms, they look great. You can search “ThisIsAbuse” on your navigators and enter both rooms from there to get a look at both of the rooms.

The next info bus session is at 4.30pm UK time on 28th September 2011.

What do you think of relationship abuse? Feel free to share your answers with us in this news report!

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