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Instant Messaging Returns0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:40 pm
Dissimilar to coffee: messaging is always best when instant…Messenger

The instant messenger (or console, if you prefer) is back! The wicked mute had temporarily disabled all forms of communication within the hotel, including the IM, but things are now returning back to normal.

Some people were shocked to discover that the instant messenger not only worked but also had a new appearance – those people should have read this news article! The Illumina theme, as seen in the Helper’s Tool, has now been adopted in the IM. Only the chat box has the sleek Illumina design; the console itself has kept the cartoon vibe, but it’s not clear whether this is set to change in the future.

Don’t like Illumina? The Creative Director at Sulake has hinted that other themes will be available in the future (click me), so you may not have to suffer for long!

The censorship present in the in-room chat is also present in the IM chat; censored words that you send in the IM do not show up as padlocks for you, but they do for the receiver. Don’t worry about not knowing whether what you send will be censored, though, because a red underline will show up before you’ve sent the message – aren’t those red lines just so thoughtful?

Now we must wait for the return of the other disabled forms of communication, completing The Great Unmute and bringing that entire shady chapter of Habbo’s life to an end!

Are you glad that the instant messenger is back? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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