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Interview with Bolt660 (Assistant General Manager (Community)0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:19 pm

Firstly, Thank you for agreeing to do this interview with me.

How has your time been at Habbox/Habboxlive?
It’s had its ups and downs but being a part of Habbox has really been such a fun and enjoyable experience overall. I have got to know many amazing people through Habbox and made a lot of friends. It’s help build up my confidence, and I guess it is a lot easier to be yourself online and more able to communicate with people and stuff. I am a very shy person in real life, but just being able to speak to more and more people through Habbox has really been amazing. I have worked all over the place here really, and enjoyed most of it a lot.

If Habbox/Habboxlive didn’t exist, what fansite would you of worked for?
I honestly don’t think I could work for any other fansite other than Habbox. It really is the community that keeps me here, the friends I’ve made and just the feel of the place. The majority of users are friendly people who like to have fun and I just see more bullying and stuff on other fansites.

Just say when you tryed to go on Habbox/Habboxlive tomorrow and found out that it was closed forever what would you do?
Cry. I am far too emotional as a person and really am quite silly when it comes to things like this. It’s a big (sad) part of my life and it would just be completely weird not being able to come on here. Of course I would still keep in contact with everyone via msn, but I think it just wouldn’t be the same in some cases. I know it will close someday (I’m already too old for it really but hey), but guess I am kind of in denial. I of course would have to just adjust and find something else to do! I would have to be certain to still talk to people though else it would be terrible!

If Bolt660 was taken, what would your Habbo name be?
I highly doubt Bolt660 would be taken due to the noobiness of that name, however I guess I would go for something equally as nooby such as xxBoltxx

Daddy or chips?
Chips, my Dad never bothers with me irl. Although I am rather fat so shouldn’t be eating chips either!

If you could meet anyone in the world right now who would it be?
Diesel (my dog who I had for 14 years who we had to put to sleep last year who was basically my best friend)

If you had one wish and one wish only, what would you wish for (Can’t choose more wishes)?
To be happy with someone I love and live a normal happy life, like being there for someone and having someone close to talk to about anything and to share stuff with forever. It sounds all soppy and everything, but just not having that sense of feeling alone and having the responsibility of caring for someone in that way would be amazing.

If you could meet up with anyone from Habbo, who would it be and why?
Tom (Skynus) obv because he’s amazing and ting.

If you was lucky enough to marry a celebrity, who would it be?
I wouldn’t consider this lucky as such, since I wouldn’t marry someone based on their status, moreso their personality. I think you can tell when someone is right for you and that person could be anyone. So to answer the question, it would be nobody because I wouldn’t particularly want to marry a celebrity, and just want a nice quiet life away from all the hastle that would probably be.

Finally, did you enjoy being the manager of the News Department?
Yes! This was my first manager role at Habbox and it was extremely enjoyable! During my year as news manager I learnt so much, and got the pleasure of working with so many amazing people. The News department was always like a big family to me and everyone just got on so well and worked as a team to achieve success. I had to learn the ropes pretty quick having not been in the department long myself prior to becoming news manager, however it was an amazing experience. I would say being News manager will be the job I always remember enjoying the most and feeling most confident with. I still keep all my old images from the role and will do so to remember the fun times. Truly amazing times had there and ones that will never be forgotten.

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