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Who saved Santa?

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Who saved Santa?
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Happy New Year!
Interview with Competitions Manager and Assistant Manager0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:44 pm

I recently interviewed Runeaddict99, the Assistant Competitions Manager, and Umbrella-, the Competitions Manager about their roles at Habbox. Answers from Runeaddict99 will be in blue and answers from Umbrella- will be in red.

What are your current roles at Habbox?

I currently work as a member of the Help Desk ,a Forum Moderator ,a Rare Values Furni Editor and finally as the Assistant Competitions Manager.

At the moment the only role I have is Competitions Manager, though I have had other roles in the past.

What are your main roles as (Assistant) Competitions Manager?

I mainly make sure that competitions are being put out, and are also closing at the correct time. I also check the competitions for mistakes, and make sure they are varied and interesting.

I have to make sure that everything in the department runs smoothly, such as checking that the competitions that are being put out are all ok, and include no spelling, grammar or punctuation errors. I also have to make sure ideas are not repetitive, and that the competitions run in such a way that there is always a good number of them available to take part in.

What was your first department at Habbox and when did you join it? 

The first department I joined was the News Department in November 2011.

The first department I joined was the Rare Values Department in January 2010.

What is your favourite part about being (Assistant) Competitions Manager?

My favourite part of the job is ensuring that all the staff are doing their jobs properly, and also knowing that people are happy with the competitions we put out.

My favourite part of the job is organising all the competitions, giving out prizes and finally making sure everyone, including the staff are enjoying them.

Are there any jobs at Habbox you have always wanted to be in?  

I have always wanted to be a Forum Moderator,and I definitely got lucky with that when I joined the department in August this year.

I have been in all the departments I have wanted to be in,such as the Help Desk and Competitions.

What hobbies do you have?

My hobbies are mainly computer based, though I am also into music.

I don’t have many hobbies, but I do enjoy nail art, and love using Tumblr.

What made you choose your username?

At the time when I created my account, I was incredibly addicted to RuneScape, hence the Runeaddict part. The 99 bit has caused a lot of confusion among people, and I won’t be revealing what it means today.

When I was young, around the age of 12, I was really fond of umbrellas, hence the name. 

What are your future plans for the Competitions Department?

My plan is to put the Competitions Department back on the map,by creating some large scale events that will rank us above all departments,bar News obviously, and also by making sure that there is a very high standard for all competitions.

I have plans in place to improve the whole prize system, as well as plans to get more people involved in our competitions.

How would you best describe yourself using no more than 20 words?

I am myself, not anyone else. I have unique ideas and I’m 100% dedicated to what I do.

I hate describing myself but I aim to be lovely and friendly and easy to talk to.

How did you discover Habbox?

I stumbled across Habbox by mistake really. I worked for a fansite when I was younger, as a friend of mine was the General Manager there. However, I didn’t enjoy it so I googled “Habbo Fansites” and here I am today.

I discovered Habbox through its rare values, as I used to use it a lot for trading. I was very interested, and therefore I applied along with my brother. We both got trials, but while I passed mine, he failed his.

I would like to thank Runeaddict99 and Umbrella- for allowing me to interview them. If you have any comments, please click “Read More & Comment”.

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