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Interview with Samanfa( Rare Values Manager/Assistant News Manager)0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:36 pm

You know her as assistant news manager and rare values manager, but DO YOU KNOW THE FULL STORY?!?!?! Well, we have it here! Read on to learn more! Before the interrogation interview began, I asked Samanfa eight questions, and her answers are here below:

Q1: How did you get to your current position?
Well,it all started out in 2009 when I was given my first Habbox job. Unfortunately my stay was short lived and I ended up being fired from all my roles and got permanently banned from the forum. Luckily,I was able to register a new account and I was on the DNHL (do not hire list) for exactly 11 months,I then worked my way off and of course worked my way up to my positions today. The easiest departments to get into was Events and Rare Values,I think my masses of experience from being in before and playing Habbo helped me. The member Mr-Trainor also had a Fansite which I helped post competitions and such, in doing so made me get experience to apply for the role here and after years of applying (been applying since August 2009) I eventually got in. With news I never really had any experience, but with the return of articles I decided to apply on the very last day the applications were open and I am glad I did, I managed to post some great articles and have been praised so much. I did leave news for a short period as I didn’t agree with a change but I eventually went back as you have to live with it; fortunately the change didn’t stay around long and order was restored. I always thought I would make a good Assistant within News and I think I’m doing ok at the moment. So as you can see, working my way up wasn’t that easy as in News too I was applying for years before I got given that chance!

Q2: Do you like your job?
I can honestly say I love my job,I think it’s more of a process of being offered that’s the most exciting thing about it,it gives you a chance to prove yourself and work your way up and it gives you some experience to do this in real life one day! Some days can drag and I sometimes end up with boredom and I can’t be bothered but then again I guess that’s why I hold so many positions, if I get bored I have something to fall back on and the circle continues so I can manage all the jobs I have, I used to have five jobs at Habbox if I’m not mistaken so I am glad I am a good multi-tasker and I’m glad I got this chance.

Q3: Do you have any ‘more than friends’ relations to any of your co-workers?
There aren’t any more than friends no, there have been in the past but I’m in a real life relationship and I feel online and real life are the same in that sense because if you put the effort in anything can happen. However, I do have a lovely friend, she’s amazing and always says hello to me, gives me presents just because she can and it’s such a sweet gesture, I guess I repay her back too like if she needs something and I have it then I will give it to her for being such a great friend. Then there’s a good co-worker and I’m sure he ‘will’ kill me if I don’t mention him and that is Pigperson, he is a great worker and many weren’t glad when he got Assistant Rare Values Manager but he has done wonders for the department and he is the one who keeps me in Rare Values sometimes when I have off days. I treat him so much and I consider him one of my closest friends from Habbo!

Q4: Quick,you’re being attacked by an octopus,what are you going to do, and why?
That question scared me haha! Erm I’m not sure what to do, I’m somewhat scared of death so I guess that’s not an option. I would get my boyfriend to save me, he’s protective like that. However, in this case I’m sure xxMATTGxx would capture Mr. Octopus and keep him as Habbox’s pet!

Q5: What three items do you treasure, and why?

I suppose I’ll give you both Habbo and real life. My Habbo ones will have to be, a Bronze Trophy I got from Tylermunjkt in 2009 as it was my first trophy, a Victorian Street Lamp as it was my first donation for no reason and I suppose the other would be the Eco Penguin Trophy CaptainAce gave me for Christmas, she is nice like that! In real life I would say the first Teddy Bear my boyfriend got me, he got it the first day we met in April and we are going to be having our Anniversary on the 24th March so it’s a memory of that perfect day too! My little toy cars I have, I love them so much and they are like a part of me. I suppose it’s because my Nanny bought most of them for 2 pence per years ago and since she passed away I feel more things remind me of her. Finally, my SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) a retro games console, I know this may sound stupid to say it is special to me but there is a story behind it. My parents got this as a gift before I was born and when I heard the music on Mario I always kicked my mum as I was in her stomach at the time!

Q6: Which is better to use to paint a picture:
words, paint,or crayons?Why?
I learn more when writing things down,I don’t think much about colour but I just love to write,write and write so I guess it would be words as you can say loads about a single word such a red has many connotations of love, lust, anger and danger; the possibilities are really endless!

Q7: Describe the worst edit/ largest amount paid for a rare. (Can be either)
I’ll go off my past experience and I will share two stories. Years ago in 2009 I believe it was,I was a victim of a scam. The scam being one whereby a person comes in your room telling you they are buying this item of furniture for 100 credits, they leave and tell you to add them incase someone has one. Someone comes in your room saying they are selling one for 50 credits, you but it for the first person but then when you stalk they leave or ban you leaving your 50 credits down! This happened to me badly.
Another was when Pink Rafts and Blue Rafts weren’t released but they were selling for so many credits,I bought a few for about 50 credits per and then they were released for 3 credits per (approximately)!

Q8: What’s the main brand of clothing you usually buy,and why?
I would say I love Golddigga in the shop Internationale I always but a Golddigga hoody for £12.99 if they have one, alas they haven’t had any for years now but the one I still have is going strong even though it’s a jacket. Other than that, in some ways I am glad to say I can fit into Internationale and Primark childrens clothes, I can fit into 12-13 year old items when I am nearly 18, I think being 5 foot tall, 7 stone and have the ability to get on a bus for under 11 contributes to this! However, you can’t beat Primark sometimes, I only knew about Primark a few years ago and if I go I usually end up buying something, last week I got underwear with watermelons on for £1 bargain!

There you have it! But what are your views on this interview, and do you think that Samanfa is totally awesome?!?!? Leave your comments by clicking Read More & Comment!

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