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Interview with the Events Manager, Mathew!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:39 pm

PigpersonMathew1) How would you describe yourself in a few sentences?
I’d like to think I’m a pretty friendly, approachable person who doesn’t take things too seriously and enjoys having a laugh. The reality is that I’ve just about finished my A-Levels and I’m hoping to study BA English Language at university later in the year (provided I manage to get AAB). Oh, and I write a blog which mainly consists of discussing food and holidays!!

2) What do you do as Events Manager of Habbox?
The Events Manager at Habbox is, first and foremost, responsible for motivating the team and encouraging everyone to host good quality, creative and fun events for people all over the world. I send feedback PMs out to the team, congratulating them on successful events and perhaps suggesting ways in which they can improve even further. I select new trialists with the help of Cameron, Amy and Alex, and we all collectively contribute to brainstorming sessions where we think of new ideas or tournaments which may promote Habbox even further. I do think it’s more of a team effort than anything else and I really enjoy working with everyone in the department – our aim is to get the Habbox name out there and that’s exactly what we do!

3) What interests you about the Events Department?
The team are all genuinely nice individuals and it’s amazing how much you can learn about people just by randomly being thrown together on a website. I enjoy the large-scale tournaments such as the Habbox Olympics which is occurring at the minute; I think it’s great when the community can interact with EOs on a much more personal level, and this is made easier when they’re active participants in the events. I like it when a plan comes together too: we tend to discuss a lot of things several months in advance, so it’s quite satisfying when everything goes to plan and the hard work pays off.

4) What is your all-time favourite event and why?
My favourite event is probably Mocha Theft. It’s not really hosted by the events team very often these days due to Habbo changing a few things, but I do enjoy hosting and playing it! I quite like Don’t Touch The Floor too.

5) What non-credit prize would be your ideal prize for winning an event?
Well, I like VIP…but then I like rep too… but which is best? There’s only one way to find out. FIIIIIIGHT! I’d probably quite like some additional PM space too though if anyone is offering. Oh, and I like petal patches. And thrones. And the Around The World Collectables. Oh I’d just be happy winning anything!!

6) How did you get such a rare name? You must have had some luck at a seasonal event!
Hey it’s almost as if you know the answer or something! Yesssss, the Hotel Manager during Halloween 2008, Ludus, ran a competition where he’d approach random Habbos and pose the question: “Trick or Treat?” After asking another Habbo in the HxHD and discovering she was afk, he approached me; naturally I said “treat” and he offered me a name change. I could have any name that didn’t have any furniture on, or was unregistered. I asked for “Matt” at first, but it had furniture on… hence Mathew!

7) If you were on the do not hire list for events only, which department would you be interested in joining?
The first department I joined was HxHD back in September 2008 and I stayed there for quite a while. I enjoyed it but ended up leaving along the way due to other commitments. I’ve been in a couple of other departments (Articles and Content) but there isn’t really any other department I’d enjoy as much as Events. I joined the Events Department back in February 2009!

8) How did you come across Habbox?
A friend told me about it!

9) What are your plans for your future?
I hope to start university later in the year and undertake an English Language degree. I’m still not committing myself to one career choice, but I’m extremely interested in the newspaper industry and journalism.

10) What five words would you use to sum up the Events Department?
Fun. Creative. Nostalgic. Close. Committed.

I would just like to say a big thank you to Mathew for taking time out to answer my questions. If you are interested in taking part in events, visit www.habbox.com/events where the Habbox Olympics are currently taking place.

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