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Is there a point in badges?0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:31 pm

Is there still a point in achieving badges? Are they still as fun to collect as they were a few years ago? Many people think not.
We will be covering the good points and bad points of badges, to get to the end of this very perplexing dilemma. 

Badges have been around for a very long time now. They’re fun to collect and help show off your fabulous achievements.
Although, recently many more badges are getting thrown out into peoples hands. This is pointless, if everyone has the badges what is the point in anyone having it? 

However, most badges do have a quest or something that has to be done to get your hands on the badge.  For instance, the badges shown mostly have to be earned. [See picture in the top right] Although the top left Niko badge is pretty much given to you. All you have to do to grab this badge is download the Niko iPhone game. Lets go over the badges.

Top Right “Niko” Badge

The Niko badge is a pretty easy one to pick up. All that has to be done to get this badge is download the Niko game on a iOS device. I see no point in this badge, but to show people the obvious. I see this as a useless badge.

Top Left “Tucco” Badge

This badge is gained by saving the Tucco character in the Niko game. I can seriously understand this badge, and this is one of the reason badges are fun. It is a way to show your progress from a non-Habbo game, to your Habbo friends.

Middle Left “Poko” Badge

This badge is achieved by saving Poko in the Niko game. Once again, I can understand this badge. It shows a good achievement instead of just a badge that’s given out to everyone. 

Middle Right “Snowboarding Genius” Badge

This badge is ok. It was achieved by completing the Snowboarding Quiz, I got the answers from a certain group. So it was easy for me. I see how this is quite a cool badge to have, it is no longer obtainable, so that’s cool in some ways.

Bottom “It’s Tricky” Badge

This badge was obtained by capturing a Habbo snowboarding picture, it was fairly hard to get. This has to be my favourite badge out of the five, as it is the hardest to get hold of, therefore means more to me than the others, which were easier to get.

As you can see by the above points, badges are fairly easy to get. So what is the point? People find it fun. There are hundreds of badges to collect and many people do collect them. Just because it’s fun to do. It’s a hobby, just like collecting stamps. Even though I think that’s boring fun.

What are other people saying? 

‘dbtgz’ says:
“There are far too many, removes the point of badges.”
‘Michaeel’ says:
“I think achievement badges are a great way to show off what you’ve achieved on Habbo, they can make you stand out from the rest!”

‘Inexorably’ says
Urm – they’re pretty good some of them… I like the ones that are challenging but extremely difficult ones – e.g. dropping 76,000 stickies to reach level 10 is insane. Apart from that, they’re pretty good until people get over-obsessed with them.”

Do you agree with these thoughts on badges, or do you disagree?
Post your thoughts, click ‘Read More and Comment’!

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