Habboxween comps!

Habboxween comps!

Habboxween competitions are here! An easy way to make points, make sure to enter them all... OR ELSE!

Habboxween comps!
Habboxween is here!

Habboxween is here!

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Habboxween is here!
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Saturday Night Quiz!

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Join the Glee Club!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:22 pm

Get ready to join the Glee Club – Habbo style!

Ever wanted to be in Glee Club? Or make your own music videos? Well now’s your chance to do it on Habbo! While you are having fun making music videos, you are also getting the chance to win points for your Rule The School team. So if you want to know how to enter just keep reading!

You can work alone, or with up to four other Habbos to make your music video. If you have never made a video on Habbo before you will need certain softwares to do it. Try using HyperCam or CamStudio, they are recommended by Habbo. The video will need to be one and a half minutes or less, if it is anymore than that it will not be chosen. After you have made your video you will need to upload it to YouTube. You will need a YouTube account to do so, but it’s quick, free, and easy to make one. When you upload the video you need to make sure the name of your video is The Habbo Glee Club. Also, put the Habbo usernames of you and your friends in the discription of the video.

For this competition the number of views your video gets is going to be a big part in the judging! So try to get as many views on your video as possible. You can do this by asking your friends to watch it, posting a link to it on Facebook or Twitter, etc. Although the views will play a big part in the judging, it’s not the only thing it will be based on, so don’t think just because your friends watched it over and over you will win, you need to make sure it is a really good video!

To submit your video to Habbo you will have to upload it first, as mentioned above, and then you will need to copy the link and send it in an email to [email protected] Make sure your subject line is Glee. Add your Habbo name and your friends that were in the video with you, and also add the name of your RTS team! You need to send it in before Tuesday, August 6th at 9AM EST, so make sure you don’t miss the deadline.

If you are one of the lucky 20 videos chosen then you will receive 5 points for your RTS team and a special badge and Boombox. So don’t miss your chance, get to work right now on making the most fantastic Habbo music video around and help your RTS team on their way to victory!

So what do you think about the new competition? Will you be entering? Click ‘Read More & Comment’ below to let us know!

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