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Just Horsing round.0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:25 pm

Habbo release a new competition for you Horse owners!

Habbo recently released their latest pet to the hotel, Horses. Which seems to have been a great hit because there are thousands of horses cantering around the place! Most people know Horses for there amazing show jumping skills, racing, transport and pure leisure, but many many years ago (before most of us were born!) Horse’s in the real world were used for things like pulling carriages and carts, farming and even war! In the Habbo world; pet horses are used for transport, gaming, leisure and most importantly loving!

Habbo want to know what your horses are really like!

They want to know if you Horse is a racing speed demon, a lazy trotter, or even a fashion fanatic.Whatever your horse may love to do… Habbo want to know. They want you to show off your Horse(s)!

Here is what you have to do:
Get together with your friends (or work alone). If you do decided to work in a group, the maximum number of Habbo’s per group is three (3).

  1. Decide on how you are going to show off your Horse(s) and what it/they like to do on a day to day basis. If your Horse is into music or acting you could possibly have your Horse starring in a music video to it’s favorite track. You could make a funny skit, or maybe a Horse Big Brother episode! whatever you find works best – and record it all.
  2. If you do like the sound of this and want to send it a video or your Horse, the video has to be short and no more than 2 minutes long.
  3. If you have never created a video before, search for “screencasting software” such as HyperCam or CamStudio. Which can easily be found on search engines like Google or Yahoo, but make sure you know what you’re are downloading to your precious PC/Laptop. If you aren’t 100% sure what you are downloading, ask a Parent or Gardian to help you along the way because you woldn’t want to download a nasty virus now would you?
  4. Once your video is complete and you are happy with the final product, upload it to Youtube. Now, here is the vital part:
  5. Make sure you name your video: “HABBO.COM HORSES”
  6. In the video description put your Habbo name(s) so Habbo know who have made it.

Here is how you submit the video to Habbo HQ:
If you have decided to work as a group, only select one person to send the product in.

  1. You have already uploaded your video to Youtube, so all you got to do now, is copy the link to your production, and email it to: [email protected]. Make sure in the subject of the email you are about to send says: A Horse’s Life
  2. In the email, also add your Habbo name and the Habbo names of all your friends that appear in the video with you (If you worked ina group) and the name of the video you chose to act out.
  3. Make sure you send your entries in before Tuesday October 18th at 9am EST which is 6am EST, 2pm GMT, 9pm in Singapore, and 11pm in AEST.

What Will You Win?

Habbo have created a snazzy horse shoe badge for the winners of this competition, and they are also giving away a Stable Furni pack to each of the winning team members!         

What do you think of the competition? What other competitions do you think Habbo should do? Tell us what you think by clicking ‘Read More & Comment’.

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