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Just no point!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:10 pm

[This isn’t a Habbo news article it is my feelings of Trading within Habbo Hotel.]

I just don’t get people sometimes, in cred shops, in trading rooms, the things they say or do it’s just plain annoying. If you’re not familiar with trading within the hotel then you may not understand what I am going on about [hopefully you do so this article has purpose.]

Trading annoyances:

  • Wired in shops: Wired isn’t tradable so don’t bother putting it in? Understandable if you want the shoppers to teleport to a specific furni but surely a line works better? Wired can’t be traded as said before so why put it in? No reason if I am honest, the other week I went in a shop and in each floor there was a wired box saying ‘WIRED NFS‘ it would have helped if it harboured more information, it did have a price on in some occasions but the prices were in the title of the room and on the stickies too, so what really is the point?
  • Big rooms with lack of furni: Big rooms take longer to load than smaller ones, but I expect to lag for the 5 seconds and then find a big room with a lot of good furniture, a jam-packed shop, that’s what I like, but no, I find that there are small pieces of one space furni in it, just make another room for goodness sake. It’s annoying too when that occurs because then you must shout i order to get the products you want from the owner, sometimes this doesn’t happen and then that could lead to very angry customers indeed. So all I’m saying is, use a smaller room, yes your maximum in a room is significantly lower than a large room but who cares? It’s unlikely it will be full unless you are holding amazingly good deals!
  • Untradeable furni: Now, I can understand if it’s bars as you do need a line, but when you have things like trax machines that don’t trade, starter furni and half-eaten pet food it’s just unneeded. The solution, put it in a spare room if you don’t want it clogging up your inventory or if you don’t mind just leave it in there, afterall if you picked an item up then it would go to the bottom therefore it is easier to find!
  • Pushers: Ok, this has to be one of the most annoying things ever, I’m in a shop and I ask for something, they say ok and then someone else trades them, I myself, give the right person the furni that they asked for, I have lost out of trades because of these people, they are so annoying and if it’s happened to me I don’t want it to happen to others! There is a line for a reason, how about use it or just get rid of it!
  • Things not for sale: Another annoying one, you go in a shop and for example there is a moodlight in a 1 credit shop, you ask for it and they throw a fit saying ‘MOODLIGHT NFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!‘ that’s fine but why is it in the room in the first place? Take it out, it doesn’t make the room look better – use wallpaper and flooring for that it has many different patterns and colours than a moodlight!
  • Furni higher than the event: Now the title for this isn’t very clear but I will explain, when going in say a ‘1-3 Cred Shop‘ I will often see a bargain (if it was between 1-3 credits that is) and I will ask how much it is, their reply ‘4 Creds‘ why have an event saying 1-3 Creds when there is furniture for 4 creds in? Just stop being lazy and change the event! No one likes it when they think they have a bargain then don’t!
  • Bidding wars: Ok, I find these enjoyable but annoying as well. I remember a 3 for 1 cred shop there was a petal patch and I went in a bidding war, I finally got it for 21 creds and sold it for 22 creds, that’s fine but it’s annoying on the person in the front of the queue if they have asked for it and someone bids higher then they should be asked to bid higher; they were in first they should get first priority. Bidding wars are just like mug games!
  • Change: Sometimes in shops people have change and people don’t but when the customer doesn’t then that’s a whole different ball game. I do not go in a 1c shop with a GoldBar in my inventory and buy 1 item then ask for change. I just don’t do it, don’t be lazy, don’t be bothered about the exchange rate, you want the furni, then you suffer the consequences!
  • Marketplace mass/bumps: When I put something in the marketplace at a good price and I find I am selling lots I will expect people to follow suit and by gad they do! Last week I put prison walls in the marketplace, I put them in 3 credits per, I sold loads, the next day I see that there is a massive 38 in the marketplace. This is where people are crafty, they put bulk in the marketplace, they make you buy loads, therefore, they make the average go down and also, sometimes, you click buy as you think the price hasn’t changed but it  has! Also, when someone puts a product in at a reasonable price then someone may put theirs in at a cred lower therefore making your offer invalid until the cheaper one is sold, taken out or you copy them and bump their offer.

Hopefully you read through them all, is there anything you don’t like about trading? Please tell me.

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