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Keep a Close Eye on your Garden's Today…0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:37 pm

No gopher, no mole. A huge, carnivorous plant? Undoubtedly YES!

Habbo Hotel, are you ready for the scariest thing since pesticide? Well, you better be, because there may just be a new, ferocious plant arriving on your doorstep! Don’t panic, don’t panic; our manager received this email, and it may clear a few things up:

“A somewhat overzealous Habbo developer (or was it a nutty designer?) has created something that no one has ever seen before in Habbo… and as it turns out, it’s not only completely out of the ordinary, it’s also quite… hazardous. Furthermore, I’ve been told that it’s going to be let lose on the Finnish Habbos (for test purposes, or so they said…) already this week, and that it’s coming to all Hotels mid-to-end-of-May. Hold on to your gardening gloves, or your green thumbs will be gone!”

You heard correctly: first this Habbo-eating plant will make a pit stop at the Finnish hotel and devour several Habbos, and then in mid-to-end of May, it will be released on Habbos everywhere! Wait a minute – then how in the world would this letter clear things up?! It seems as though this carnivorous plant is making a trip all around the world on its dynasty quest! There’s only one question: will you be the last one standing, or be a helpless victim? Here are some comments on this Habbo Terror:
“Spooky…’or your green thumbs will be gone’ and funny. Looking forward to seeing it.”
“Looks very interesting, can’t wait for it to come out!”
“I hope it starts out as a small plant, and you have to grow it!”

Advice to all Habbos: lock your doors, shut your windows, and click Read More and Comment to post your views on what may be the death of Habbos everywhere!!

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