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Keighley Gas Blast0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:32 pm

Today, ten homes have been evacuated in Brook Row, Keighley after a gas explosion on Saturday night, which over 20 fire-fighters were called to.

Fortunately, the terrible event did not lead to any deaths and, although severe, only two injuries. Two people were taken to hospital, one for smoke inhalation and the other for burns to the hands and face. 

Firefighters remained at the scene and helped gas engineers to cut off the gas supply.

In the modern day and age, it is hard to believe, with all this technology, that events like this still occur, but this event proves that they do.

In my opinion, if gas is that dangerous, all non essential gas systems should be changed to electric systems where possible. This is because, though electric systems can still cause fires and accidents, they are a lot ‘safer’ than gas systems. For example, you never hear of a electric leak, only a gas leak. Of course, at present gas could not be completely eliminated from our lives as it is needed for many things, heating being one, but ‘cutting down’ on the amount of gas used could, in my opinion, help reduce the amount of fires and serious incidents.

You have heard my views of the use of gas, and I would love to hear yours! Simply click ‘Read More & Comment’ to share them!

Habbox and it’s staff offer it’s sympathy to the injured and the families of the injured during this traumatic time

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