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Lady Gaga Performs With Young Fan0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:08 pm

Gaga and MariaAt her latest stop of the huge Monster Ball tour last night at the Air Canada Centre, Lady Gaga performed an acoustic version of her new single ‘Born This Way‘ with a 10-year-old fan, Maria Aragon, who has become a YouTube sensation thanks to the singer.

Last month, Maria from Winnipeg, Canada, uploaded a video of herself singing ‘Born This Way‘ on the piano. The video was picked up by blogger Perez Hilton, who tweeted it to Gaga, and sure enough, the pop icon herself saw it and posted it to her Twitter followers, with the message: “Can’t stop crying watching this. This is why I make music. She is the future“.

Following the exposure from Gaga, Maria appeared on several radio stations in her native Canada, and during an interview with Virgin Radio Toronto, was surprised when Gaga phoned in and suggested the two duet when her tour reached Toronto. Staying true to her word, last night the pair sat together at the piano in front of approximately 20,000 fans, and sang their hearts out to ‘Born This Way‘.

Before Maria made her way to the stage, Gaga told the crowd: “I’m really excited that Maria is here today, because Maria represents what this song is all about. It’s all about the next generation and the future and no more divisiveness.” And as Maria played the opening chords, the crowd roared in joy as the pair led into a beautiful rendition of the track, which you can watch on YouTube by clicking here.

After the show, Maria and Gaga went backstage and were photographed wearing T-shirts with one another’s face on, which Gaga posted on Twitter, and you can see on the right. “Myself +10 year Old Lady Maria of Winnipeg. She signed my t-shirt, she ate my heart, just like you ▽” the star wrote. Click read more!

The Monster Ball tour continues in North America for the next few months, winding up in time for the release of her new album also entitled ‘Born This Way‘ on May 23rd.

It was beautiful to see these two perform together. Especially with a song that holds such meaning! I hope to see Maria making the big time when she’s older as she has demonstrated great potential already. Besides, performing with Lady Gaga probably wouldn’t go down too bad on the CV, eh?

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