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Las Habbox 10 – Packing Palava13
By - Posted 21st August, 2016 at 12:30 am

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luggageIt was their last day. They’d woken up feeling great considering the amount of alcohol consumed and the amount of dancing they’d done last night at the throwback nightclub, but were really looking forward to getting back home and into a routine again.

First things first though, they had to find all their belongings! They’d each come with a huge suitcase full and, despite buying loads of souvenirs, had managed to only fill their cases up half full. Things were missing. They were going to have to traipse all over Las Habbox trying to find their lost items! Books, clothes, jewellery, you name it, they probably lost it.

Looks like it was gonna be a long last day. But the bright side was, at least they could do one final quick tour of Las Habbox to see all the good sites!

taxiThey’d just about managed to pick everything up, throw it in their cases and jump in a taxi to the airport and get on the plane (just as they were shutting the gate as well!)

It really was time to get home and back to the boring, humdrum life again 🙁

To be in with the chance of winning 20c, and a guaranteed point for your team, just comment down below what the WORST THING you could leave in Las Habbox? 

Bonus story: when I was 16 my family went to Las Vegas and I took my beloved teddy bear, who went everywhere with me. I left him on the bed one day and when we got back the maids had remade everything and my teddy was GONE. Never got him back. Almost 7 years later and I still would give anything to get him back 🙁 🙁 🙁

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FlyingJesus Commented on 21st August, 2016


Bolt660 Commented on 21st August, 2016

I was going to say passport but then I remembered you wouldn’t be able to get home without it! 😀 Erm probably my phone as it’s like my brain sometimes and organises me :O

Intersocial Commented on 21st August, 2016

A camera or a phone, imagine all the pics youd lose :((

dbgtz Commented on 21st August, 2016

My winnings

!:random!:! Commented on 21st August, 2016

all my credits! spent 250c on this years HxSS :O

Lill-MeeDK Commented on 21st August, 2016

My favourite pair of shoes

Alexthedoc Commented on 21st August, 2016

my afro duck

disrespectful Commented on 21st August, 2016

The fridge magnet I got for my nan, she’s a big lover of collecting magnets from everywhere and she’d beat me!

Shonly Commented on 21st August, 2016

all my gbs init

Cerys. Commented on 21st August, 2016

My clothes yh

MikeyFusion Commented on 21st August, 2016

My bags and passport

Samanfa Commented on 21st August, 2016

A smelly fart that spreads the length of Los Habbox, no one will visit again because of the stench.

berggg Commented on 12th November, 2016

I’ve never been to Las Vegas but I plan on it soon! Need to put Las Habbox on the list too!