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The Habbox Awards 2021

The Habbox Awards 2021

Oh what a night! We tallied up your votes, and if you missed the ceremony you can see the winners here!

The Habbox Awards 2021
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Las Habbox 2 – Plane weird…20
By - Posted 13th August, 2016 at 12:03 am Habbox

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*To find out more about the Summer Spectacular, click here! Also, don’t forget to read to the bottom to grab a point and the chance to win 20c!

Just plane weird…


lawrawrrr, Absently and welshcake had managed to get through security and onto the plane with relatively little kerfuffle! A quick stop off in duty free for a bottle (or 4) of vodka and a chocolate cake for MattG to put on his radiator and a small problem at the gate where only 2 of them got bumped up to first class (unlucky welshcake, they were obv prejudiced against the Welsh!!) and they were finally sat down!

avatarimageLaura and Kelly spread out in their comfortable first-class seats and ordered their meals. Steak, baked tomatoes, cheese and bread, fruits… they were lucky to be bumped up! And, of course, the free alcohol doesn’t hurt either…

They felt bad for Lauren though, so bundled up their leftovers (which more or less made up a whole meal) and smuggled it back into the back of the plane for Lauren. She was sat in a row of 4, all cramped up against a rather portly gentleman! She looked incredibly grumpy 🙁

It was a few hours later, and the free alcohol had been a little too tempting. Both Laura and Kelly were falling asleep, and dreaming about the holiday to come…

help“THE SLOTS, SAVE THE COINS LAURA,” Kelly suddenly sat bolt upright and screamed, still asleep. It woke Laura up with a start! Kelly was obviously having a bad dream about losing all of Habbox’s money. “DON’T TRAP ME!!!!” Kelly shouted again. This was one weird dream… were the chip coins piling up or something?

Laura walked over to her and gently patted Kelly on the shoulder. “Are you okay honey?” she asked. Kelly opened her eyes and rubbed them.

“I just had the weirdest dream…” she said. “You’ll never guess what happened… it’s like the casino was caving in on us and all of the slot machines were coming to trap me!”

“That is weird… I hope its not a bad sign!” said Laura. “Anyway… I think we’ve almost arrived now, so better get going!”

To get yourself a point for your team, comment down below with the name of the airline we might be flying on to get to Las Habbox!

Like! 5
    MikeyFusion commented on 13th August, 2016

    habboxlive airways

    FlyingJesus commented on 13th August, 2016


    Yuxin commented on 13th August, 2016

    habboxJet – ft. hits from your favourite habbo radio station 🙂 🙂

    !:random!:! commented on 13th August, 2016


    Joe commented on 13th August, 2016

    Liquelines – your economy passenger service.

    Alexthedoc commented on 13th August, 2016

    Habbox Air International (I wasnt sure if we make it up lol!!)

    disrespectful commented on 13th August, 2016

    Habbox Air – (judging by the first class and toilet room names LMAO)

    David commented on 13th August, 2016

    garner air

    Expling commented on 13th August, 2016

    habbox airways

    Sibeel commented on 13th August, 2016

    HX Air

    BreakfastBacon commented on 13th August, 2016


    dbgtz commented on 13th August, 2016

    Boxxy Air

    ToyTruck commented on 13th August, 2016

    Habboxane – just put plane and habbox together

    ToyTruck commented on 13th August, 2016

    Habboxane – just put plane and habbox together

    Zealoux commented on 13th August, 2016


    MrsPlant commented on 13th August, 2016


    cinur commented on 13th August, 2016

    Habbox Atlantic

    Lill-MeeDK commented on 14th August, 2016

    Green Airways

    Empired commented on 14th August, 2016

    Air Empired
    most truthworthy line to fly on tbh also very pretty

    thatc00lgirl commented on 14th August, 2016

    HabboxAir.International 🙂

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