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Las Habbox 7 – welshcake and Elvis, sitting in a tree…17
By - Posted 18th August, 2016 at 12:39 am Habbox

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They’d escaped the motel and made it out onto the strip again, and were now looking for a new hotel to spend the rest of their time in Las Habbox. It was probably going to be the Holiday Inn to be honest, it was definitely the safest option at this point!

They trooped into the clean (but very bland) Holiday Inn. and up to the desk. The guy behind the desk, Frank, was lovely and gave them a lovely room to stay in at quite a decent price! The only problem was that they had to wait for 6 hours before the rooms were free and they could check in. They had some time to kill!

“Why don’t we go and catch a show?” suggested Absently.

“Is there anything on? Most stuff here is nighttime I thought…” said lawrawrrr.

“We could just pop along to a bar for a little bit. Get some food, chill out then do some sightseeing?” said welshcake. “A chilled day, a day off”

Sounded like a good idea!

It didn’t take long for the day to descend into typical Habbox-style chaos. Lunch turned into a liquid lunch, which turned into a liquid post-lunch, a liquid afternoon snack, a liquid supper, a liquid dinner and a liquid tea.

elvislaurenThey’d now gone sprawling out down the strip, looking for something fun to do (NOT THAT OK). But one problem… about 20 minutes ago, they’d lost Lauren. Kelly and Laura had gone searching in all the casinos and pubs but hadn’t managed to locate her. And her phone was off. They’d just about run out of ideas and were about to head back to the hotel when they heard some strange bells ringing. It was the Chapel of Love. And Lauren was just coming out.

“Oh God,” Laura said. Kelly was speechless.

Lauren was laughing, hanging on the arm of one of Las Habbox’s famous Elvis impersonators.

To grab a point for your team and be in with a chance of winning 20c, just comment down below with the worst thing you could do drunk in Las Habbox!



Like! 4
    Cerys. commented on 18th August, 2016

    Marry a habbox member -shiver

    FlyingJesus commented on 18th August, 2016

    Fist a camel

    Evanora commented on 18th August, 2016

    getting stuck in a lift with expling

    imogen21702 commented on 18th August, 2016

    Um Lemon Juice

    imogen21702 commented on 18th August, 2016

    Drik ^^^ Lemon Juice

    disrespectful commented on 18th August, 2016

    Go on the zipline from one end to the other and puke all over everyone below me, now that will not be too nice lol!

    MrsPlant commented on 18th August, 2016

    Post a nude in PAPOY then sending it to all of the family like hey look at my nude how awesome!

    dbgtz commented on 18th August, 2016

    hard drugs

    Alexthedoc commented on 18th August, 2016

    p2p all my credits at a scam ff

    Sibeel commented on 18th August, 2016

    Bobba Frank

    Samanfa commented on 18th August, 2016

    Go to another Habbo fansite’s party instead of Habbox’s.

    thatc00lgirl commented on 18th August, 2016

    Get a “Hxss 2k16” tattoo across my forehead, and start dancing on those card tables
    while screaming out each and every person i know from Habbox, all displayed in front of and recorded by the dreaded HC camera that live broadcasts every night of their casino of Las Habbox to promote themselves.
    the dread

    Bolt660 commented on 18th August, 2016

    Post an article revealing everyone’s secrets!

    Lill-MeeDK commented on 18th August, 2016

    tell everyone to join another fansite than habbox

    !:random!:! commented on 18th August, 2016

    Spending all my credits and being broke :O

    Expling commented on 18th August, 2016

    play a naughty song on air without fading it :))

    Shonly commented on 18th August, 2016

    get sierk’s face tattood over mine